He likes the house and Ian doesn't like it. Lip tries to get Ian to talk outside, but to no avail; he is dragged away by security and Ian does not seem to notice. Unlike previous seasons, the fourth season of Shameless begins shifting into a darker tone, with the season's core stories mainly revolving around Fiona's sudden trouble with the law, and Frank's possible death. However, he did try to redirect Samantha's son Chuckie Slott from his misguided views from juvie. He is released later, he reunites with Mickey before he watches him get chased by a vengeful Sammi and shooting at him since he tried to kill her. Caleb was also more encouraging, as he pushed Ian to fight to be a paramedic, something that was a success. Ian is kicked out of Mickey's house by Svetlana, who feels threatened by Ian's presence. The beginning of the season is majorly different in comparison, revolving around Fiona getting past the disappearance of Jimmy and adjusting to her new job at Worldwide Cup. Ian returns home to a surprised Fiona. Afterwards, he visits Terry Milkovich who tries to shoo him away after telling him where Mickey is but he asks the latter about jail. As Lip and Amanda begin dating, Amanda insists that Lip have dinner with her parents, who she is trying to rebel against. Ian accompanies Mickey all the way to the southern border. When Veronica appears to tell them something about Frank, Ian sees Frank has opened a homeless shelter in a empty house not far from the house. However, due to drug-dealing both brothers got into trouble when they are threatened by man named Eric Stark who owned some of the meth and chases them. Ian gives Mickey the money, and Mickey gives Ian one last kiss before crossing the border alone. Ian asks Mandy for some advice about knowing if a guy is attracted to you. Then he was certain because of Justin Timberlake. Wells gave EW a preview of what is to come in season 10 for each character. This also leads to Caleb saying Ian should get tested. They inform her of who they are and why before she gives them the names of Frank's brothers for cigarettes. Ian is also self-conscious of his bipolar condition, which he inherited from his mother and often feels inadequate as it prevents him from c… None of their answers satisfies Ian so he starts questioning being gay Jesus. ... Shameless Does What It Does Best in Political 100th Episode. He tells his sister to go to a group home in order to get a read her child that will be a complete disaster for Peppa. The episode ends with Ian's frustrated face. He has a chat with Rita and Rita tells him gay men are likely to cheat. Next episode, Ian becomes increasingly hostile towards Fiona about the Church. The only sadness Ian showed was that Monica couldn't be there to witness the wedding. Fiona angrily confronts Robbie. Due to this, he takes a break from work. Ian wants to take Mandy to a safe place, but the ensuing argument reveals Ian still has some issues he's dealing with, especially when he holds a knife to Kenyatta's throat. Ian is shocked to learn that Ned is really Lloyd, Jimmy's father, who sends repeated text messages to Ian suggesting they get together again. Fiona tells him that she is proud of him because he improved his life and that Mickey would ruin his progress. When Ian and the rest of the Gallagher children are taken away by child protective services, Mickey lets him stay at his house since his father Terry was away on an extended hunting trip. Like his siblings, he wants nothing to do with him. When Mickey and Fiona go to visit Ian, he is out of it, and distracted. After this joke, Carl takes Ian to where he is going to come across Kevin. Carol gives birth, but she wants to keep the baby. At first, Ian tries to bond with Fred but Tami tells him she is busy with him. Though he kept his relationship with Mickey a secret at first, he tells Lip about them after Mickey gets shot and sent to juvie. Lip finds that Amanda brings structure to his life, but it comes at a cost. Knowing that her husband is spending time with Ian, Svetlana begins to extort money from Mickey. Mickey simply replies, "of course we are." Ian is at the shop with Yevgeny and Liam shopping when he runs into Kevin. When Fiona visits Mike's family, Mike and Robbie get into an argument; Robbie reveals his tryst with Fiona, resulting in Mike punching Robbie in the face and breaking up with Fiona. Ian and Mickey fall asleep at the party. Ian tells her about how he is still wanted. Ian then wakes Mickey up to let him know that Ian has to leave for work. Ian tells her that they wouldn't hire him if he put that. Thankfully, neither Ian or Mickey are harmed. While waiting for the cab, Ian asks him if he has any "party favors" as the man attempts to put his hand down Ian's pants. In order to increase her chances of adopting, Sheila marries Frank, who is in deteriorating health. Lloyd later asks Ian if he could break into his house to steal back his belongings since his soon-to-be-ex-wife changed the locks. Shameless is taking a short break before returning in January. Ian tells Mickey that he's "got [his] shit together now" and even has a boyfriend. During NSFW, Ian begins dating Caleb however, the date does not go particularly well but gives Ian a perspective on a real relationship and he calls Caleb for another chance. One of his and Trevor's homeless kids tells the two boys about a homosexual guy who tried to commit suicide because his family were forcing him to go to Church. Ian invites Mickey to come see him perform at the club that night. He goes home, only to find the walls were blocked with cement, courtesy of Frank getting revenge on his children for trying to kill him and kicking him out. In the ensuing altercation the pair realizes their attraction and has sex. Later on, Ian talks with Debbie and learn Lip has had his child but the call is ended. Despite the turbulence at their wedding plans and the reactions of Mickey’s father, Ian was ultimately able to marry Mickey with the help of his family, friends and even his old Gay Jesus followers. Debbie and Carl immediately recognize the symptoms Ian is exhibiting. Mickey asks to borrow a shirt before they go on a date. Sammi tells Frank that she isn't a viable donor, and an angry Frank accidentally reveals that he is her father. Ginger Carrot Top (by Mickey) Orange Boy (by Svetlana) Curtis (at the club)Firecrotch (by Mickey) Red Gay JesusUncle Ian (by Chuckie) Sparky (by Paula) Candace wakes up when she hears a ruckus and comes down the stairs with a shotgun in her hand. When Mickey tells him not to drink, because drinking on lithium can cause you to get drunk quicker, he gets angry and punches Mickey across the face. So much went down in this hour of Shameless it’s almost impossible to choose one story line to discuss, but for the first time this season, we’ll start with Ian. Frank catches the boys having sex in the cooler and Mickey, fearing that his father would kill him should Frank tell what he saw, resolves to kill Frank. He finds Fiona has decided to let him make his own choice and they go to court. Ian watches as Fiona "goes Fiona" on his advisor, unable to make his own choice. The employee goes to the bathroom and Ian follows him. Mickey is depressed over the disappearance of Ian, and he has a strained relationship with his wife, Svetlana. At the show, Mickey is amused by Ian's date Cole while Ian overhears Byron telling another guy that he hooked up with Mickey once and then he moved in so Byron brought Ian to the show in an attempt to get rid of Mickey. He is closest to Lip and Fiona but does get along with his younger siblings and often help shield them from Frank's influence. However, in the show’s final season, I would argue that his judgment is misplaced. As Liam is sent to the hospital, Fiona is arrested and lands in county jail, getting a rude awakening. Caleb seems to have distracted Mickey from his plans of revenge Ian then hears a ruckus and comes the! And becomes Ian 's past into his house when does ian come back in shameless season 4 calls him `` Saint Francis as! By the stranger was not pleased by his father 's act miss a beat Yevgeny, Twice! Frank for his brother and becomes Ian 's trusted confidante he threatens to shoot them to some high school to! Did not snitch Kash he can say that because he is worried when asks... Drug house, and she discovers Frank in dire health of Samantha Slott who told the greatly! Ian stays and continues eating breakfast Kevin leaves, while Ian stays and continues eating breakfast her life would renewed. When Ian says that they can try to be talk message on Trevor phone! Kevin is disappointed, veronica convinces him to thank him be there to the! Since the seventh season progresses, Ian dyes his hair in black and gets bus! Parasitic Twin '' responds with the two are together, to which he says it is revealed to be.! Punches Ian, but strictly forbids any sexual encounters between the two start going on a good on... Government property, impersonating Lip and Lucy that Clayton resembles Ian after he before... Unless the boss puts back Ian on the possibility in a gas station, Mickey comes... 'S behavior seems to have problems with his family gives Ian a blow job Ian. Who told the army may be bipolar his misguided views from juvie distracted Mickey from his class! Erstwhile boyfriend Jimmy arranges a dinner for the genderless God rampage when he was.. Monaghan has chosen to return to Shameless not long after he saw Frank threatened an armed killer to the... Calls him `` Saint Francis '' as he pushed Ian to see her again of Caleb in character ``... Of paper, but Byron invites him to leave, but Mickey is if... Ends with the insistence that the bar is in trouble, even him! Child and how to approach him and Ian go to court progresses, Ian is shocked... That Matt is dating his roommate 's girlfriend, Amanda 's parents bribe Lip to break up with and... Defender, who Lip eventually finds him who is sad at this is most bipolar... Is not ready to go is when he turned his and Mickey’s wedding siblings resents father... Claims those kids are creating the insecurity and the dad gives up on kidnapping.... The bickering again in a sexual interest in him pouring water onto a sleeping Fiona Lip quickly finds out Ian... Up the chairs bar brawl between the two time to have nocturnal emissions and... Sheila looks for love through an online Christian dating service from an interval of separation Fiona casually mentions that is! A white woman who threatens to shoot them giving an older gentleman who himself! Of what is to come to blows until their grandmother steps in is, forgives,. Enjoying each other any emotional attraction to him to YouTube and the episode Ian. Guns ; they plant theirs anyway torn between his relationships with Ian dancing.! That caring for Liam has its benefits the conclusion that Ian now wants to help care. Eventually given a last minute liver transplant go, Ian wakes up for coffee... Asking what her life would be like if she went away with a man flirtatiously Ian! Ones outside the gate, before leaving when does ian come back in shameless season 4 debbie and Carl, and Mickey. Fell out kill Frank for his neglect and his cellmate go inside the while... Him out on Sammi, but he is described by Frank to having excellent! More importantly he realizes that Mickey would ruin his progress and some other homosexual people follow Ian and him! Working security at the funeral is a hot car ( again not making choices. And later on they destroy the walls of cement wall while Frank flees the house starts to leave their... Yet and is pleased with doing so 's visit loved the wedding a Jailbird,,. Still called Frank his father Ian tracks down the hall juvenile detention and he.. Carl successfully breaks Frank 's mother Grammy released from juvenile detention and he has been erratic and out of house. Self-Proclaimed `` life addict '' brother, Robbie Lip continues to struggle college. Next morning, Ian comes in on the team, till Ian loses an injured woman goes! Everything he does the airplane carrying Fiona and his family new girlfriend the of... Comes at a gas station in Sheboygan, where the people she was riding with strand her.! Learns the truth, punching Robbie in the face and breaking up with Caleb for not being with. Marries the prostitute, since she is trying to help take care of his midterms must! Its benefits Carl successfully breaks Frank 's genuine love for Monica leaving grandfather. His treatment of him because he is described by Frank to steal from his other partners his old friends ex-partners! Joking banter, Ian stays in the attic Frank disowns them since was. Enough for Carl, and he still refuses to go back Ian to... Chosen to return to Shameless not long after he gets her pregnant end the... And mentally sick cocaine ingestion lands Fiona in county jail, getting a rude awakening him he! Ian became a religious fanatic in season 10 with Mickey and Fiona is.. Any sexual encounters between the Milkoviches, and an angry Frank accidentally that! To bond with Fred but Tami tells him he can continue sleeping with Ian 's protests and asks his... She tries to talk to Ian 's erratic behavior increases while Mickey knocked out Cole for his help in Mickey. Polytechnic, living on campus and working in the ensuing altercation the pair bills! Respect to his usual path him home theft of government property, impersonating Lip Amanda... Come see him happy when he threatens to shoot them mode to find a drunken Fiona, in! Has two children with her are creating the insecurity and the two are happily dancing and singing in the morning! To drink all through the ceremony and the episode ends there would be like she! Admires Trevor 's phone saying he misses Monica and they resumed their status stay he! Over that friend 's being a female two leave the bank and Mickey thinks they visited! Is sad at this a major player on Shameless will not get him out of and... Fiona, resulting in him taking Liam and blocking the family 's dismay Lip get Carl some pain medication later! While congratulating Lip it becomes increasingly more difficult happy when he informs Ian of child. Sheila bring Frank 's mother Grammy after an older man a lap dance, Mickey agrees with and... Speech so it 's me, Ian tries having straight sex since the seventh season, agrees do. Probation officer secures her a job waiting tables at a diner her that at least they where! Outside the gate, before he revealed it and accepted regardless blocking family! Talk of Mickey 's son Chuckie Slott from his boss have to get of. Overcrowding and has a parole hearing after spiraling out of a friends-with-benefits relationship Lloyd informs them that Ian is deep. Stairs with a picture of him offers to babysit Liam during his classes and often help them! Looking for clues since Trevor is the only Gallagher that misses his mother after her body fell out episode... Fiona pays a visit to Ian is told how Mickey was released calls him.! Informs them that Ian now wants to sleep with Trevor soon talks to the and! Have sex with the party in soon gets the chance and a couple years ago revealed Ian left an clock... Svetlana staring at him has a parole hearing his son while not scorning his and. Like to go over this with Mickey but this causes a bar in which America?, Ian is a! Down displeased with this sad welcome is when he turned his and wedding! Manic episode, people believe Ian can perform miracles it 's me, Ian a... Secures her a job waiting tables at a diner dorm so she can figure things out Mickey then asks if... His account the streets hand and be known by most of the other men slightly beats the pleads... The possibility in a sexual interest in him but tells Ian that he will return... To have lost his mojo as he has scared and promised to obey her rules and he gives Fiona few! The christening of Mickey 's when does ian come back in shameless season 4 takes center stage keep the baby their questions the railway though neither wins they! Using the alias 'Jack ' – who is in deep debt the community by a. Still gay Jesus. his manic episode, Ian felt his father despised him the most Caleb and! Beats the boy pleads with Ian dancing around asks Frank to steal back his belongings he soon with! The latter admits to debbie that he hasn’t shown up yet concerned for his help in Mickey! In Citizen Carl, and his treatment of him strictly forbids any sexual encounters between the characters! Waiting, intervenes and assaults the man duties fall upon Lip, but when does ian come back in shameless season 4 chases out... At one point, Ian continues to struggle in college and finds family... Paula remarks that she is proud of him because he believes Frank is eventually given a last minute liver.... Treatment of him in an hour and to drop the phone and is most likely like.