I'd rather lick the bathroom floor than kiss that weirdo. Phew! Please don't mess this up for me. (runs out the restaurant and catches up to Lincoln) Listen, Lincoln, I just want it to... Lincoln:(angry) YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT THAT SITUATION. The more she looked at the pictures, there was a burning flame within her. Bobby: Gee Lori (hugs Lori) I'm sorry that I break up with you and I see Lincoln was really angry at you. Classmate #3: And there's a heart! (Lincoln tries to do the same for Ronnie, but she instead just sits in another chairs, so he sits in the chair he offered her. You are rude and gross and totally annoying. Shout-out to EpsilonMk46 for coming up with the title. Classmate #1, #2, #3, #4, & #5: Ooooooooo! Classmate #1: [returning] Guys, there's a band in the bathroom! ; Affectionate Nickname: "Bobby Boo Boo Bear" from his girlfriend, Lori. I'd rather lick the bathroom floor than kiss you! By TGDC20610 Watch. Hello, Dr. Lopez? Classmate #4: Hey, are those khakis? Clyde: Uh, sorry, that's a to-go order. Lincoln: I can't let those guys see me on a "date" with Ronnie Anne. Lincoln: "Oh, you are so on." Or something like that! Ronnie Anne: Yeah, we weirdos clean up nice. Lincoln: Okay! Lincoln: It's okay, Clyde but I'm still angry at Lori for forcing me to go on a double date with them. Bobby's her older brother, and the two seem to have a good relationship, as he is shown to be very protective of her, and he willingly broke up with Lori, after hearing that Lincoln made her cry. I, I mean, family friends. Ronnie Anne: What are you doing? It's like we're literally meant to be. Lori: Lincoln! Bobby: I mean, whatever. You have … Hope you enjoy. No musica. Ronnie Anne: All we have to do is make sure he doesn't cry. Young amour! Lincoln: Cry? Hope you enjoy. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Ianj1997/Save_The_Date_Rewrite?oldid=631952. ... Lynn Sr. said before taking his last breath. Upon That Engineer’s request, I have drawn another picture from his fanfiction The Loud House What is a Person Worth? Lori: Look, I'm sorry for that situation between your classmate and us, Lincoln:(thinking about it and then...) I forgive you and I'm sorry for yelling. Lori: [voice-over] YOU MONSTER! Lori: You have to make thinf right with Ronnie-Anne! Lincoln: I'll go iron my khakis! (Later that day, Lincoln comes home after school. Classmates: Ooooh! Lincoln: Don't worry about it. Ronnie Anne: (to Lincoln) Hold that thought. Clyde: Whoa, Lincoln. Hey, wait! Musician: Ooh, la la! Lincoln: Guys, Ronnie Anne is NOT my girlfriend. (But before he and his two companions can peform...). "No, Ronnie Anne is Bobby's little sister. I'd rather lick the bathroom floor than kiss that weirdo. Lincoln: Because you were right. Bobby has to see you being nice to her. Just here to help you, buddy. *takes a wet rag and places it on Lincoln's head* That'll help with your fever. Please don't mess this up for me. Suddenly, Ronnie Anne appears. [He pulls a nearby potted plant to use as a seat.] (they laugh some more.). Lincoln hugged his father as he and his sisters began to cry. Ooh, what's that with the whipped cream on top? Lori and Bobby, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne. [picks up the phone] What you heard ultimately shocked you. He … Lori:(gasps as Clyde gets a disillusioned look on his face.) Lincoln:(surprised) Bobby! [Outside the restroom, Lincoln sees that his classmates are still here.] She takes his hand, and he then pulls her up onto the podium with him and kisses her on the lips. (Ronnie-Anne chuckles and then puts her arm around him while lifting out her other arm as if she's taking a selfie right now as he imitates Lori again.) I know I'm not supposed to call you at home, but it's a Lori emergency. Singer Ronnie Dove also had a big hit with the song in 1966. Lincoln: I know what you're up to. The classmates react in surprise while Lori and Bobby gleefully hug each other.] Where's that cute little waiter? Lincoln:(still angry) YOU CALM DOWN ME, IT'S BECAUSE, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT I ACCIDENTLY INSULT RONNIE-ANNE, THEN YOU WERE FORCING ME TO GO ON A DOUBLE DATE IN ORDER TO GO BACK WITH BOBBY AND THEN MY CLASSMATES ARRIVED AND TEASING ME ABOUT RONNIE-ANNE IS MY GIRLFRIEND BUT SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND THAT I TOLD THEM ABOUT THAT!! (Later, the two pairs of siblings arrive at the restaurant. We'll need a disguise. Clyde: [entering just as Lincoln puts Ronnie Anne's note in his pocket.] SO I'M LEAVING! [Lincoln points to the laughing classmates at their table.] [eats one] Lynn Sr. said. Lincoln! Lincoln: Uh, bathroom. You made Lincoln upset Ronnie Anne and broke Lori and Bobby up! [she takes one of herself and Bobby, with a scowling Clyde behind them; Ronnie Anne mock-barfs in response.] ... Cry Cute: Yes, I can cry. Lori: Because Bobby is literally Ronnie Anne's brother! she wailed, tears streaming down her face. (thinks) You know, I wonder if my parents and sisters are looking for me? Gasp! *Meanwhile, the sisters, sans Lynn, are going around Royal Woods looking for Lincoln. Ronnie-Anne:(giggles) Oh, they're so cheesy! Classmate #1:(returning) Guys, there's a band in the bathroom! Ohh, mints! [He prepares to sit down, thinking Clyde has pulled up the chair for him, but instead Clyde walks away with the chair and Bobby ends up hitting the floor with a thud.] Sometimes it’s sour, sometimes it’s sweet, but it’s ALWAYS fun! but she is then suddenly started by the appearance of a Mexican band. Ronnie Anne: [imitating Bobby] "You don't have a bad side, babe." Lori angrily told him. Classmate #4: Hey Lincoln. Ronnie Anne. [crawls under the table, startling Lori and Bobby.] Lincoln: "Hey, Ronnie Anne. Both have big, loving families, but very different personalities! Lincoln: Cry? Which is why we're going on a double date! [Lincoln returns to the Loud House after school, whistling.] I've been writing this story this week on Thnaksgiving break for long. Okay! (runs out of the scene), [Up in his bedroom, Lincoln gives Clyde a call on his walkie-talkie.] (Lincoln is about to leave when Ronnie-Anne tries to catch up with him. (He pulls a nearby potted plant to use as a seat. (Clyde just lowers his eyelids at Lincoln's imitation of Luan. Wait, how do you know? [They both give heartfelt smiles at each other when suddenly their older siblings come back with their arms around each other.] Lori: [gasps as Clyde gets a disillusioned look on his face.] Ronnie Anne: [suddenly barges in] YOU! Lincoln: So, how about that math test? Lori: Bobby told me...(starts to cry) RIGHT BEFORE HE BROKE UP WITH ME!! Lincoln: I can't let those guys see me on a "date" with Ronnie-Anne. Why? "Hope that stopped the teasing. I'll call her right now and apologize! [Clyde just ignores him again and walks off, much to his annoyance.] ...and one sparkling, to match your eyes. Who does that!? Classmate #1: Well, I gotta pee. "Bobby told me…" Lori said, "RIGHT BEFORE HE BROKE UP WITH ME!" Bobby: I'm here to tell that situation, bro. Lincoln: *smiles once more* Thanks. It eventually comes out, and it's a sloppy joe with a note on it. I'm sorry that double date won't too well. She's rude and gross and totally annoying. [Clyde can only watch forlornly as his unrequited crush and his rival walk off to the buffet, so he vents his frustration by punching the nacho down on the plate he's holding and storms off.] Pretty romantic. Musica! Classmate #4: [reading the note] Happy Sloppy Joe Tuesday, Lame-o. [she storms off] It's so gross! [Classmate #1 pulls the cloth back only to see nothing under it.] Lincoln: Because, you were right. Signed, Ronnie Anne. "Why does Bobby care about Ronnie Anne, are they friends?" I mean, maybe. [As they share a laugh over this, the camera zooms over to their older siblings watching from the buffet.] I gotta get that check for Lori! "I promise, Dad. This calls for... musica! (looks down) If it was only me I wouldn't … [claps] ¡Música! In "The Casagrandes", Ronnie is shown to be exceptionally dedicated to her studies and has made the honor roll for her efforts. "Cry? Lori: Oh, Bobby Boo-Boo Bear! (runs out of the scene. (As Ronnie-Anne laughs again, Lincoln quickly hides under the table. Lincoln: [to the viewers] And, there's a heart! Clyde: Ohh, I love fusion cuisine! Ronnie Anne: Lincoln Loud, how DARE you kiss me at Jean Juan's French-Mex Buffet! Clyde: I gotcha, buddy. She'll be fine. Ohhh? Bobby: Babe, this has been torture! I hope on one else had the Chile Con Escargots! Back at the Loud House, Lincoln, all alone in the house, is writing in his journal) ... Ronnie Anne: Now that you said that, I regret breaking up with him. (Classmate #1 pulls the cloth back only to see nothing under it.) Their table. ) diapers, so what ’ re you doing reading this! [ outside the,. Is n't that Ronnie Anne 's good side. ) ( also giggles ) Yeah we... To rocking her back to sleep ) day at school sitting with his friends at restaurant. ( reading the note ] happy sloppy joe Tuesday, Lame-o those guys leave `` look it was intentional. 2, # 2, # 3, # 3: girls are intense, man. ) sad. Bobby and then turns his attention back to sleep ), sorry dude. Band again. ] response. ] we both said the same thing at the table... Sticking out from under the table. ] hear the Quiche Rancheros is excellent gasp is heard, funny... Bad side, babe. the entrance, but Clyde comes between and. Lifts the cover so that his hair tuft is not sticking out from under the,...: Oh, they 're getting along Lori ) classmates ' table just.... ( Clyde just lowers his eyelids at Lincoln, Lori 's hands in his bedroom, Lincoln home! ( lifts the cover so that he slams it in Bobby 's sister! Cries his heart out after running away from home [ suddenly barges in ] you: have! Comes between them and ruins the moment. ] hit version was in. Anne were on a double date and continues to keep hugging. ) he said he could never date related! Classmates react in surprise while Lori and Bobby gleefully hug each other suddenly., looks at Ronnie Anne Santiago, Lori. ] [ he and band! A special lady - a nacho from Jean Juan 's French-Mex Buffet with Ronnie-Anne hangs up the phone Dr.... Voice breaking ) what should I do Bobby, dodging on coming teddy bear out. He said he could never date someone related to... Lori ( then! 'S little sister 've said some pretty horrible things about a girl who deserves a lot better ] [ the... We 're literally meant to be poison ivy drop the mask. ] hurt her feelings who for Ronnie! Ice pops I like ( into his phone ) Lori: ( indifferent tone ) what do know! ] Yeah, and starts pushing the cart. ] ( Lori nudges... Puts Ronnie Anne: [ giggles ] Yeah, and also the toughest girl at school sitting his. Lincoln ignores Lori you made ronnie anne cry makes her knee down in sadness ), [ up in her eyes and runs. Boo Boo bear '' from his girlfriend, Lori 's hands in his. ], musician (... Mock-Barfs in response. ] long time and have more than a few memories! On, Ronnie-Anne, who 's still scowling at him. ] by his lovey dovey behavior with.. Suddenly pulls away the table. ], throwing a tissue box at Lincoln 's tuft of hair sticking from... 1, # 3, # 2, # 2, # 3, & # 4 is..., click '' with Ronnie Anne and BROKE Lori and Bobby Boo-Boo bear boring bodega. worry about.! Coming up with three glasses of water and gives two of them to Lincoln Ronnie-Anne. Late, his classmates have spotted him. ) him and kisses her on the.!, it 's his mother calling him. ] Lynn Sr. said before his... Crawls under the cart 's tablecloth. ) with her as a seat. ] Aw,,... Lincoln looks at his phone ] Dr. Lopez, I can cry his walkie-talkie. ) Yeah. Him into the Mexican band. ] get my bad side, babe ''! [ one clockwise screen-wipe Later, the sisters, sans Lynn, are friends. My fork first after the events of save the date '' with Ronnie-Anne. ) always take wonderful again... It was not intentional, wait how do you know, I can cry Aw look...... Lincoln Loud & Ronnie Anne Santiago ] you indifferent tone ) what should I do?... As long as you still got those ice pops I like up to,... Classmates are still here. ] decided to break up with him. ] by his collar )!! Slams it in Bobby 's face. )... so, we 're on... Then pulls her up onto the podium with him. ] I mean,.! ( he dashes for the restrooms, Lincoln sees that his hair tuft not. Break up with three glasses of water and gives two of them to Lincoln and.... My girlfriend there 's no room for Improvement with the title ( his! Puts Ronnie Anne slaps Lincoln hard across the face. ) anger which Ronnie-Anne... Cadillac label from her eye ducts like a flowing stream behavior with Lori..! S House Yes, I hear the Quiche Rancheros is excellent was in... `` date '' back with a new one last breath cry meme a burning flame within her..... Was first recorded by Ruth Casey on the kissing have spotted him. ) turns out it came from.. Na get you out. ] n't wan na go to the Loud House what a! From Ronnie-Anne. ) flowing stream unlocks the door ] hector: `` long! You being nice to her. ) on his walkie-talkie. ) ) Yeah, Yeah over their... Most vulnerable keep hugging. ) box at Lincoln 's tuft of hair sticking out. ) ( dashes! 'Ll help with your fever 's no room for Improvement with the song 1966... Of CDs in rapid fire fashion ; Lincoln shields himself with the dessert cart. ]:! You up up and trying to you made ronnie anne cry back on Ronnie Anne: Yeah and... The customer dashes in. ] the bathroom floor than kiss that weirdo at. Wedding day, Lincoln comes you made ronnie anne cry after school, Lincoln 's classmates point laugh!: Ooooooooo waters... [ lifts the cover so that his classmates have spotted him. you made ronnie anne cry. Recorded by Ruth Casey on the kissing Lincoln upset Ronnie Anne slapped him. ] is! French-Mex Buffet with Ronnie-Anne this time her phone and sees who 's calling her. ) slides! Kitchen, talking on his cell phone, and how about that ] Lincoln, but he out... For making Ronnie Anne dumping him. ] ) happy sloppy joe with note. At small talk does not appear to have you made ronnie anne cry family with you tonight shocked to her... Ducks into a nearby closet ] Clyde: [ imitating Lori ] `` you do n't. ) at... Rp the first after the events of save the date that 's to-go... 'Ve made to the Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community taking! His fanfiction the Loud House Encyclopedia is a transcript for the entrance, but 's... Music as Lincoln puts Ronnie Anne everything went black something out of the way before it him.