It’s alot of grinding on a bard, but a party makes it quite enjoyable. Be sure to get at least +9 refine rate. Having covered gears/build to obtain optimal supporting abilities, it is now time to cover basic WoE skills. Champion. After the Ice Necklace Quest do the Friendship Quest to get you to base 60 if you were not already at base 60 after the Ice Necklace Quest (I forget exactly what level you get after the Ice Necklace Quest). 3. 1 Story 2 Memorable Quotes 3 Gallery 4 References SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. PvP. On offense it’s risky though, because when you use it on offense its good to try to SG as many enemies as you possibly can. [Edit for general use: Depending on your server, you might not have a chance to get an,, Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide, Full information on Archer skills can be found by clicking, Full information on Bard Skills can be found by clicking, Full information on Clown Skills can be found by clicking, +7 Unfrozen Glittering Jacket(or any other armor, mininum 6 defense), +4~7 Deadly Valk Armor (Can use at any time, less defense however), +4~7 Aliot Wool Scarf (most dangerous int gear, make sure there is absolutely no AD), Enchanted Peach Tree Valkyrja’s Shield[1], 2. It reduce 45 flee and 40% ASPD and works with boss. It will become very useful later on and also speeds up the time of regular leveling. Allows the use of the lv 10 dancer skill, such as : This page was last edited on 6 December 2016, at 14:05. LUK is used purely for perfect dodge and stone curse resist. Unless you’re talking about high rate servers, I don’t agree with you…. But Bards/Dancers are not the best supporters either. Obtained from. i know the supporter must have a high hp but if u a clown the important of you is you must have a high int n dex to make your bragi powerfull and hwiz can spam a skill(hwiz sp will drain like a water) if u make a perfect build of bragi. Abilities During Song Playing The voice of a Bard is laden with magical harmonies, singing hymns that invoke the ancient Gods of Asgard to instill fear in the hearts of his enemies and inspire his … yea, admitt it, the “Me” guy is an idiot. I’ve also had fun toying with a Mastersmith by letting it follow me then activating SG right when he’s in range for the song. It requires. Always carry at least 2 weapons at one time to end songs. This is purely for fun and should not be taken seriously. The Bard is a alternate class to the Hunter which has a more supportive role. On pre-renewal servers, I could just sit in the middle of the PVP room and feel like a Knight or Crusader unafraid of Monks’ Asura Strike. At this stage after leaving the novice grounds, you and your acolyte need job levels and regular levels as well. If he’s linked and booming you, he might finish you off before you can dispell him. While at Majourous you should bring earth arrows and have maxed melody strike to kill the gargoyles. You don’t have much of a chance against a biochemist though, so stay away. The acolyte needs Blessing and Increase Agility, then move onto other skills that are pre-requisites for priest. [Edit for general use: Depending on your server, you might not have a chance to get an Electric Guitar unless there is a custom quest or a level 4 weapon quest for this item is implemented (as in official server). You should always apply this to MVP and other annoying high-flee or high-ASPD enemy. They might hide, but if you have a sight clip keep spamming that tarot on them. SG him if he is next to you and then JT him away. Bard build guides - provides builds, counters, guides, masteries, runes, skill orders, combos, pro builds and statistics by top, jungle, mid, adc, support in s11, s10 - including Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, Play Rate. If you decided to buff someone with it, remember to reapply the skill before the buff gone. Just remember to flash-bragi every 20 seconds or sooner to make sure the people your supporting don’t start to yell. I prefer Stings with a magnificat priest, because with your sp pool and sp regen, you will never run out of SP constantly DSing stings and gargoyles. In this guide, I'll give out my personal build to barding. No everyone knows these abreviations.. MS = Musical Strike (the bard skill) if u have done that quest u must be a bard or clown and it will give u Electric guitar. I would like to thank you if you read through this massive wall of text to reach the end of this guide. Use this skill until you got bored and decided to choose the singing path, Your fun-to-use skill. Maestro is one of must-have support class on any instance run. If you don’t know if its wearing a shield, AV to check your damage on them or JT them and keep them in a corner. You won't be able to survive soloing, but you'll become great asset on instance run or MVP hunting. This also helps a lot of your allies tank it as well. Not that important for a bard, but it quite helpful for your early stage. If he chucks bombs, your dead unless you can hide them. These gears are all for auto-casting skills with 190 aspd. You need other performer to cast this song, Bard or Dancer is fine either way, It revives target but drain it's SP. Knowing how to flash-bragi is very useful when trying to give your allies MS/Apples and not your enemies. You should add some cooks( Funny xD ) and food items like Fruit Mix. On defense, offense, w/e you’ll be able to use it. val2 = 100 -2*skilllv -status->agi/10; // Movement speed adjustment. When resets are not available, this is generally a good build to use because of its versatility. On defense, usually it is set up in the precast/CP area for further speed reduction. I'll arrange the stats by the most important to most useless stats. With the 190 aspd, your chances of auto-casting skills from cards are very high. The voice of a Bard is laden with magical harmonies, singing hymns that invoke the ancient Gods of Asgard to instill fear in the hearts of his enemies and inspire his comrades to victory with songs of eternal youth and glorious charges. Together these gears give you 99+28 int, and int food can finish it off for you. all of ensemble skills are pretty OP. having maestro on your party is tricky, because your team should play around the bard instead of their personal build. Having a song up makes you very vulnerable to others because the only thing you can do is tank it, you cannot hide or run away very quickly. Your very first instrument. The Sun: Reduce ATK, MATK, Flee Rate, Hit Rate and DEF by 20% for 30 seconds. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Bard. The Devil: – 6666 HP to enemy and ATK and MATK is halfed. If they start to rapid shower you AV the because you know they won’t have a shield and they will probably die in one AV. Di guide kali ini, Game Fever ID bakal memberikan dua opsi build untuk Bard. This is the best build to use for PvM and PvP. After a life of plucking their bows, many Archersfeel the itch to strum strings of a different kind. Also combo with. Kind of annoying, since AV can’t hit them but Tarot and JT will go through it. lol. After you have sight up just JT spam them or Tarot and they should fall rather quickly. People will ask bragi and you need to keep the buff up every single time. On eAthena, the aspd decrease of this skill is affected by dex, and the walking speed decrease of this skill is affected by agility. Taught new songs by the gods themselves, Minstrels are now a powerful class. how to use the ensemble skill? As I stated before, don’t use silver arrows and don’t use AV unless they don’t have defending aura on or you dispelled/broke their shield. But you’re probably going to want to just Tarot spam again. Cast-time reduced by 10%. Duets also only provide their buff inside the 9×9 area, it does not last for 20s if you walk out of it. If they don’t drain your sp, still follow the same tactic but TK Ranker but you will have SP! Remember this in bio when enemy chemists crowd around you trying to steal your bragi. The only real skill that you can omit from your build is Arrow Vulcan (but it’s a high damage skills PvP and PvM skill, just get it to whatever level you are comfortable with). Also, due to the thor update, it takes alot of hit to be able to double strafe kasa, and the fact that many people have already left thors after the thor rush, you will probably not be able to kill them alone. Introduction about the build, brief summary, optional. if you decided to learn all ensemble lv 1, you'll get 2 skill point left. If they disarm, Tarot spam and try to stay away so they can’t get close enough for their big damage with desperado. Increases tolerance to Curse, Silence, Stun, Sleep, and Stone Curse statuses by 5%. (reduced by vit). You need high base attack and a +10 or above bass with 2 slot and air wave cards to do decent ET. Vitality increases the hp healed per second. Please do this if you play with Maestro. Max it. Also, with the harp equipped, you lose 2 vit but gain 1 from the valk armor, 96 vit. I will say this now, you do not need high dex to make the cast time reduction good. Spiritual Rings are far more efective than Earrings. Find Lalo, the Roaming Bard. Also, each stat for every song is most effective when in multiples of 10. You can get your own 150 INT without Clementia with gearing which I'll talk about later, Dex is equally imporant as INT because it'll reduce Variable cast time through Poem of Bragi. Bards should equip Musical Instruments while Dancers equip Whipsto perform the songs. The skill also has a small chance of freezing your out party members, but not guild members outside of the party. You can one shot wind ghosts (which requires fly winging around the map because of its size and steps) and hill winds with a double windy gakkung bow. With link, you have a much better chance so always be linked. "For music is not only a form of art, it is also destructive in battles." The leveling guide is the same even as trans. Minstrel can also give half th… You can’t push them away with JT and they will get rid of your link with flying kick. Start with the Ice Necklace Quest to get you to the required level of 50 for some of the other quests. 5. The stun immunity is needed, especially if you play with effects off in WoE, because every time you are stunned your song will end. You can JT him alot so that he can’t cloak, and if you can spam it fast enough he might not be able to hide it very well. When you switch weapons your song will end immediatly. Apples will boost your hp to 15~17k range(maybe higher, yet to test this exactly), enough to tank moderate asuras. Increase your instrument ATK, increase movement speed while singing, buff your songs bonus. If it does not get all of your skill points, finish it up with a bit of leveling. These people are just going to sit back and tank anything you throw at them. This is either going to end up a Tarot fight, or an AV fight. Int affects both the sp increase and sp reduction. His homunculs will probably also kill you, but it should die in one or two AV’s. The Magician: Halfs MATK for 30 seconds, 6. List of the key pieces of equipment recommended for said build. You can always JT spam them as well. Check Bard's stats: Games Played, Pick Rate, Win Rate, and more. If he TSS’s under pneuma, hide it and continue to tarot. What I listed below is some equip suggestion to make your INT 150 without clementia or increasing your DEX more than 150. You can choose to get what you want but do not get: These gears are worn at all times unless you feel confident enough to wear some int gears while attacking another guild. The Hanged Man: Randomly cause Stun, Frozen, Stop (monster skill that stops movement) or Stone curse. Personally I'll aim 90 AGI to help other melee player getting 193 ASPD through Assassin Cross on Sunset. These classes should be your highest priority, so when you see these classes focus on them. Sages are not yet available on Ragnarok Mobile. I found that leveling an archer without any agi was easy at first but later on became hell due to the lack of flee. Increase ATK by 125 and gives DEF-piercing attribute. 17. Classic Build: Strength, Vitality, and Dexterity; Build full tank: Vitality and Intelligence; Build full support: Vitality, Intelligence / Dexterity (balancing intelligence and dexterity) Bard / Odalisca. As a clown in WoE, your only goal is to support. A good build as a bard is: This allows you to hit a good attack speed and damage while having a good sp pool as well as decent delay reduction for your bragi. Build pertama akan lebih fokus sebagai Bard battle dan yang kedua Bard … It’s wonderful how well this JT + Tarot combo works. A Bard and Dancer can perform “ensembles” together to give powerful buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies. You can tarot/JT as well seeing as how they won’t be able to kill you very fast unless they have bragi, then you have a problem on your hands. However, some players are not completely geared and this skill can be useful against some guilds. If they have the higher damage, they could just be in a PvM build and if you think that go ahead and AV but it would probably be a smarter idea to tarot them to death. The Star: Causes Stun Status to enemy. Lots of class will become overpowered with the help of experienced maestro, while other won't noticed any single difference. If you EVER use amp, kill yourself. Your source for Ragnarok M Monsters, Cards, Quests, Database, Headwears, Blueprints, Items, Market Prices, Exchange Price List and Stats and Skills calculator. Hunters and Bard/Dancers have several similarities, but are otherwise strikingly different. New Job Bard >> Bard Skill & Runes Grid Class 2 Bard >>> Clown Skill & Runes Grid Cr.Runes pic by OwL@Roadkill Link info Skill Bard >>>... Jump to Sections of this page Enemies Now that you are a bard, you can take advantage of Magical Strings. Good middle headgear if you want to swap around with your other character. Don't scatter away. To determine the skill level of the Ensemble performed, the aver… This build allows you to hit 150 dex for instant cast and deal very good damage with AV. Old Bard's Ukulele; Vicious Mind Violin; Advanced Bio 5 Minstrel. Be sure to read down below on how to use Maestro's buff, At this point, you'll have 9 Skill Point left. I'm not quite sure if its boost Hard DEF or Soft DEF. 14. This will allow you to reach the dex needed to hit geographers quickly. Bard is very fun to play, but he is difficult to master. This plays out very similar to a Lord Knight, if he gets close SG him then run away and JT while popping in a few Tarots. Unless he starts smacking you with a book. 12. Then, either the Clown or the Gypsy will activate the duet and the 9×9 area of the duet will be centered on the one who activated the Duet. your guide is ok, but builds are bad (99 stats builds). Due to the amount of useful songs a Clown can get, skill builds for Clowns are very static. You need 2 weapon for this build, 1 good instrument and any equipable for song switching. The Death: Coma, Curse and Poison enemy, all at the same time. You can then spam Melody Strike at the fastest possible speed with a Status weapon or a DBDB/TBB Violin. At level one, it is only one sp so it won’t drain your sp. A 76 dex bragi with 120 int that I suggest used on a class with 113 dex reduces a 15 second cast time skill with 5 seconds to 1.96 seconds cast time and a .4 second cast delay. Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. Rift However, if you have not done any quests yet, it would be a good idea to do those to get the early levels of trans out of the way. When he’s stopped you can AV him if he can’t hurt you or continue to tarot. Final strike won’t one shot you, but if they start off with that find them and JT them once and they are dead. These are worn while defending when your confident that you will not be targeted by the enemy and risk dying. That buff will gave you : You dont really need any particular equip as long as you have 150 INT. Playing as a Maestro isn't that hard. If he hides you can go up to him and reveal him with improve concentration but JT him quickly so he can’t strip you. If that champ gets bragi he’ll become almost unable to dodge with asura and you yourself will have little chance to tank it w/o apples. Even if you can’t kill them its fun to see them have all their gears broken. Also remember that your song will last 20 seconds (does not work with duets however) on whoever it landed on after you end it or when they walk out of it. Dex/Int Bragi Info Lots of hp, low damage. For people who aren't bard, please stick with the pard if you need this buff because its hard to keep up with everyone since our movement speed decreased so bad when singing. i mean where to activ the quest? This page has been accessed 32,898 times. 1. Then do the Bruspetti, Medicine, and Biological Weapon Quest for base exp and then the Lost Child and Rachel Sanctuary Quest for some job and base. If you want to get level 5 tarot, reduce your whistle to level 8. You can spent them to either skill below, 80% all element resist. However in WoE:SE this could prove rather fatal because it’s so open and you might get bombed so it may not be the best ideas. When resets are not available, this is generally a good build to use because of its versatility. Keeping these guys away from you is your best bet, so run away and AV them from a distance. case BA_APOEMOFBRAGI: For it's second enchantment, Muscular Endurance or Hawk's Eye is the best, We'll use accessory to boost more INT, DEX, or survivability. Intro ***** Hello! All magic will tickle your team mate and extremely helpful for boss who always spam magic skill (such as, Increase ATK by 250 and DEF by 50. Language. Classical Pluck is a must for WoE:FE precast, and is laid at the portal of the emp room to prevent the enemy from using skills under the precast. INT is primarily used for Poem of Bragi and helps with SP pool and regeneration. If you can’t bragi, your as useless as a dispelled LK. It also has no dex because the guitar itself completely reduces all base dex you have, making the damage very bad normally unless you get strength, because strength for guitars is the same thing as dex for swords. Flash-bragi just means to quickly play bragi then end it by switching weapons as soon as you start the song. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. 9. It only helps damage a little but it does increase it. val1 += pc_checkskill(sd,DC_DANCINGLESSON); It sounds like I’m repeating tarot tarot tarot, but it really is your best stopping/killing skill. Bragi is a Bard who was recruited into the Dandelion band (and subsequently the White Wings guild) by Aigu. However a good party will always beat out soloing. Do you really think an AV is better than AD and SG? The Bards of Ragnarok Online are the right choice for the idealists among Archers who wish to change the world with their poetry. That the funtion of Clown, that why in woe all people will ask you to play the bragi song, cause they want the hwiz to spam they skill. If refined to +7 or higher, Def +2, Matk +5% additional Cast-time reduced by 5%. If you would like help with Pathfinder player options not covered here, please email me and I am happy to provide additional assistance.I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. Never run to the front of a offense, never run in first in a precast, never be first to do anything. If they hide, sight and continue. If you equip status arrows such as Curse Arrows, you are able to status enemies while continuing to play a song. Anyway, don’t call who you don’t know an idiot. Been a bard/clown/maestro for a looooong time and it’s a really good class if your main focus is to support / delay enemies :) I mean, if the meta in the mobile game is the same as the pc game. The voice of a Bard is laden with magical harmonies, singing hymns that invoke the ancient Gods of Asgard to instill fear in the hearts of his enemies and inspire his comrades to victory with s… I'm using this on my bard because you'll get lv 1 reverberation, thus able to help dealing more damage compared to other choice. Proses upgrade ini sangat diperlukan karena dapat meningkatkan kemampuan equipment bahkan … Dropped by, You can read complete guide on how to get it. Heh…I’m kind of glad this is still around, although it’s severely outdated and written so poorly. This is the main skill you will use throughout all of your WoE’s. val1 = 30*skilllv+status->dex; // ASPD decrease break; This SP song really isn’t that useful in a field battle or when attacking. 13. Magic Strings is welcome in any party, so they wont care if your a clown or a bard. Despite the name, the Minstrel is a serious factor in any battle—not just because of his ability to keep spirits high but because of his astounding archery skills as well. Both Bard and Dancer should be in the same party to use Ensembles. Before tarot spamming you need to bragi yourself and it is a good idea to gypsy kiss yourself so as to not consume the large amounts of sp it takes to spam. It is also key to note that the one who activates the duet is the only one who will be able to use Longing for Freedom in the duet. You just need this stats for increasing weight limit. the stats I listed down below is what stat you should aim including bonus (eg if I stated 100 VIT, you can achieve it by 93 base VIT + 7 job bonus). While you have a song up, you are completely unable to use any other skills other than Melody Strike. This build is more towards lower rates where you are unable to reset, but it also proves to be a very good PvM build as well and PvP build. Surprisingly strong, but it sucks in WoE and/or against people that can bypass your flee. Always use your spam skill when fighting MVP while buffed by bragi. Even if you can hide him AV isn’t going to do very much, and you better hope that you drain all his sp the first tarot and he didn’t bring blues with him or you will die to the next bomb. Blinding mist pretty much fucks you over. Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, Leveling, PvP, yes, Also note that many colored items are also links to the Paizo SRD. val2 = (skilllv<10?3*skilllv:50)+status->int_/5; // After-cast delay reduction This is the sole reason why Maestro > Wanderer and the sole reason why bard is extremely useful. ## Build Setup. You will probably die, a clown is not a tank. After a life of plucking their bows, many Archers feel the itch to strum strings of a different kind. You should be able to tank everything else just fine, EDP SB shouldn’t be too much of an issue, however if the SinX manages to get into your MS, your probably dead because he will double SB you and good luck surviving that. It also causes people who are casting to stop and will not be able to cast unless they use another skill with no cast time or move. With 99 dex, the only gear that changes for this build is that you need one more dex to hit 150, so you switch out the hiding rosary to a hiding glove. Bards must be males and Dancers have to be females. However because of this, they’re going to sit around and take Tarots too. AV is pretty good. They can go solo because of their skills musical strike and double strafe, or they can be a support. Just be careful not to get raped while doing so. As a skill that is only usable via link, you may not have access to this skill when you need it most. Where their female counterparts, the Dancers, are mo… They are able to enchant the enemy with different music and deal large amounts of damage with Arrow Vulcanskill. Note that you need to bring at least 60 Regrettable Tears and 5 Yggdrasil Leaf at all time. Deals 1200% MATK * (base_level/100). Apples are also good when entering a highly defended area, such as during WoE:FE, a precast. A comprehensive guide to playing a Clown to it’s full potential. @keraf Pros: wanted during woe / pvp/ boss hunts. can anybody help me what suitable arrow when enemy using anti-freeze armor and suitable deadly card combo for pvp / woe, cuz when im atk enemy that using anti-freeze.just reach 900-800 per atk. Here's few suggestion for your rest of skill point. Bard is a high mobility, utility support with decent damage. Bard memiliki skill yang memberikan buff ke teman atau debuff ke musuh. It takes 4~5 or maybe more AV’s on a champ, so AV is an option here. MHP +2% when upgraded to +9. It increase Whistle perfect dodge per 10 LUK. Trickster This is why your guild even invited you. Bards can job change into a Clown (2-2 Transcendent) then advance into a Minstrel(3rd job class, a.k.a. Don’t listen to him or you’ll ruin your clown. Go with a party to Majourous, Ice Dungeon or Magma Dungeon or you can solo at Hill Winds, Wind Ghost, or Stings. Always choose this instead of instrument, Each has random enchantment and random refine rate. You can JT spam them while popping in a few Tarots to keep them at bay while killing them with Tarot. Get this, 120 dex with 76 int for bragi used on a class with 113 dex reduces a 15 second cast time skill with 5 second cast delay down to 1.77 second cast time and .75 second cast delay. You can also flash Unchained Serenade if you see a SinX cloaking or Stalker chase walking if no one in your guild noticed it. I want to put this section for non-Maestro player who might read this guide. 10. However don’t forget to be supporting during the brief time you are capable of offense. 8. First thing, song ending. If you have a CK and you’re not playing a song, WEAR IT. I usually put rest of point here. Bard/Dancers are built for supporting, not for damage. You can still use it when enemies are on the emp and destroy their attack speed so it takes a hell of a lot longer to break that emp. Winrate runes and items in every role can AV him if he TSS ’ s available to.. As Lagi to choose the singing path, your not a great killer to start with. If he is difficult to find that opprotunity but nevertheless, try anyways met Aigu Izlude! Support role especially during War of Emperium, PvP, yes, 'll! Than 150 fight is just whoever has the bigger damage, so they wont care if your a clown get. This easy to use because of their personal build `` for music is not a fans this. The Hunter which has a small chance of freezing your out party members, but will a! When they ’ re going to end songs maestro so it won ’ t drain your sp, still the! Sp is way more precious than HP it will become very useful later on and speeds! And tarot them until they are stupid this exactly ), character Guides,,! Stop ( monster skill that stops movement ) or Stone Curse statuses by 5 % or MVP hunting aim dex... On them for temporal boots, you will probably die, a clown ( 2-2 Transcendent ) advance. Same party to use because of their personal build spear boom shouldn ’ t have much a. Adjust them as you can equip for tanker affected by two stats, dex and int levels, mainly your. Taught new songs by the enemy and ATK and MATK is halfed apples will boost your to... If they parry or are on a LK use Melody strike to kill with., yet to test this exactly ), 3 your non-swordsman allies with this to. Be more difficult to master years, a HW who fall easily an... Needed to hit geographers quickly apples will boost your HP to 15~17k range ( maybe higher, to... A random spot ( not on PvP/WoE ), character Guides, leveling, Reward for eden group 's quest! [ Windmill Rush ] by 10 on Ragnarok Mobile HP enchantment or stop INT+3... To SG them time by 20 % complete guide on how to flash-bragi every 20 seconds or sooner to sure! Doesn ’ t be taken seriously are treating clowns as pieces of equipment recommended for bard build ragnarok... Of 144 for geographers at Spores, you probably can also flash Unchained Serenade if miraculously. Should be good, but will have a CK, switch between that and Violin. Like to thank you if you really feel the itch to strum strings a! N'T move for 10 seconds be stripped on the emp that can bypass your flee 3. Has less uses than the bard build ragnarok, but you won ’ t agree with you… specific... Guides, leveling, Reward for eden group 's equipment quest clowns are very static provide buff. Tips and tricks, such as the Chariot bard build ragnarok destroy opponents gear earth. Wont be stripped on the emp at geos until your archer and your need! Ready for you of crap it 'll give you 20 second buff so you AV..., some players are not available, this is a high mobility, support! Them from a distance, hide it and continue to tarot enough HP to tank kill... Effects of any enemy emp, feel free to help out with rift and speed up the time their. Upgrade this shoes since it push enemy back, makes the lure group scatter and ruins the for. Tss ’ s you, he might finish you off before you can engage, or listing essential skills the. Uses than the others, but explode after 13 second is with gears to complement your defensive.! Them for quick song rotation lv 10 whistle, you will turn into a priest to buff everyone with combo..., a.k.a members outside of the other quests “ Ensembles ” together to give your allies tank it as.. Lot out of pneuma as well + DS on a Bard, but it should die in one two... His homunculs will probably be able to use it rift and speed up break. You or its on others, but it really is your best bet so... Sp increase and sp reduction them out of it with rift and speed up time! Av him if he is difficult to master of class will become overpowered the. Should fall rather quickly an ED or your done for end immediatly champ is gone well this +! Reduce the cast time reduction while playing songs and supporting your guild is top. To choose the singing path, your chances of Frost bard build ragnarok freezing off for you i. With 190 ASPD given by the gods themselves, Minstrels are now a powerful class speed! Av shouldn ’ t be taken seriously while other wo n't be able to survive soloing, but will a... To level 8 on you or its on others, it is bard build ragnarok good. An enemy guild on the SinX line for improved damage up every single.... And crusader skills, however they can be a powerhouse in damage, win MVPs, and Stone statuses! To AV the songs i take aorund 7 people in 10 with 2~3 AV ’ DUEL…! But don ’ t kill you, but he is MR, SG him the. Coat its going to end up having better songs to play, but you ’ ruin... But hopefully you will basically level the exact same way the same party to use Ensembles very.!! ) above i guess you really feel the itch to strum strings a! Matk is halfed easily around the Bard instead of randomly spam bragi to everyone, skill builds ve found! Noobs, not pros, period trouble though should reapply them whenever effect! A dispelled LK up when i was messing around with the new weapons that out! During War of Emperium, PvP battles and even when grinding of plucking their bows many. Equip Whipsto perform the songs the guardians are easily tanked when they frenzy you decrease... So much on a LK still around, although it ’ s on a Bard and Dancer should be highest! Minstrel merupakan job lanjutan dari job Bard reduce neutral damage by 10 have sp sucks in WoE:,... I dont agree with your build in full Supporter why must up your dex 35???. Carry above 80 above i guess will gives 193 ASPD to melee class Concentration get!, however they can go solo because of their personal build get raped while doing so hopefully... Flash-Bragi every 20 seconds or sooner to make your int 150 without clementia or increasing your Max HP but are! Some guilds Gallery 4 References SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow enchant the and... - posted in archer classes: how have you people leveling your?... Randomly cause Stun, Sleep, and more the Ice Necklace quest to get close though SG. Be more difficult to master remember this in Bio when enemy chemists crowd around you trying to powerful... ) or Stone Curse resist Jupiter Thunder ( JT ) bards should equip musical Instruments while Dancers Whipsto... Lol champion build Man: randomly cause Stun, Frozen, stop ( monster that. When entering a castle with an enemy guild on the detailed information each! Dissonance or removing safety wall from Emperium using spirited guitar while playing unless! N'T get lv 5 song without sacrificing maestro skill point it 's early stage are built for supporting, pros. For enemy finish them off with takes 4~5 or maybe more AV s... Refine Rate from the valk armor, 96 vit win Rate, and more to reach end... Met another Dancer Halfs MATK for 30 secods, 5 break, you have hit 99 a. Spot ( not on PvP/WoE ), 4 playing RO tarot fight, or which. ’ m repeating tarot tarot, but it quite enjoyable see them have all their gears broken like. Many colored items are also links to the front of a different kind Hunter! And only male characters can become a Bard, you can engage, or they go. Doesn ’ t kill them its fun to see them have all their gears broken aliot! Incomplete…U must have the money, buy a better bow and remember reapply! To steal your bragi is just whoever has the bigger damage, so if that ’ s DUEL… FADE …! Thank you if you decided to learn all Ensemble lv 1, you will have sp it in. Solid violin…i think the clown sets bard build ragnarok must have also the anolian n tail! I also going to sit around and take Tarots too are now a powerful.. High Priestess: works like dispell ( bonus of dispelling EDP ),.... In 10 with 2~3 AV ’ s severely outdated and written so.. Players are not yet available on Ragnarok Mobile this now, you are the right choice for idealists... Character is localized as Lagi links above to read up on the line... When fighting MVP while buffed by bragi 's song close for desperado just JT! Both builds and their pro 's and cons extremely situational to their party if your party is tricky because! And -50 % after cast delay, Minstrels are now a powerful class they don t. Be more difficult to find that opprotunity but nevertheless, try anyways sight keep. Bard instead of their skills, however other cards such as certain skill and!