Umm Bab, also known as "Palm Tree Beach", is a settlement in Qatar that is located in the municipality of... Dukhan Beach ( … Family: 600 QAR (parents, 2 kids and 1 nanny) The hotel offers plenty of activities such as water sports, beach sports and water activities inside the pools. Best Resorts In Qatar Outside of Doha. Exac, Yesterday in one of my stories, I encouraged you t, Before you start wondering: yes, this photo was ac, "Mama, when can we go to the beach?" Zekreet is known for its rock formations and the Richard Serra Art Piece located in the middle of... Umm Bab (Map). Wakra Beach Family Park Beach "nice place for recreation, not that crowded & it has bathroom + cr not like the other public beach. Due to the shallow waters, swimming at the sea is not recommended. The shallow water of Simaisma Beach is ideal for swimming. 228 reviews. Unlike in the mornings, weather becomes more and more pleasant with time and we don’t feel rushed to leave. And, surprisingly, it works for us much better than we expected! In my next blog post, I’ll give you some ideas about which beaches in Qatar to visit, to avoid crowds. Banana island beach. Times: The beach is open daily from 6:00 to sunset. Al Farkiya Beach. With no light, it’s easy to get lost or stuck in the sand/mud. Fuwairit Beach. Would love your thoughts, please comment. We either wake up before sunrise to enjoy breakfast & a dip in the morning, or go for a late afternoon / early evening session. Khor Al Adaid. Mesaieed. Price estimates were calculated on … This village dates back to 1938, built in the 19th century by pearl divers and local fishermen. Zekreet Beach. Al Wakrah started as a charming fishing village but has become one of the largest cities in Qatar. Beaches seem to be the only space where families can sit and relax together, at the same time successfully practicing social distancing. Whether you wish to relax on the shore, snorkel, dive or simply admire the ocean, Qatar Airways has the perfect beach destination for every kind of beach traveler. What are the best hotels for a family holiday in Qatar? Fuwairit Public Beach Qatar – the best family beach in Qatar; Thakhira Public Beach Qatar; Katara Public Beach Doha – the best beach IN Doha; Sealine Public Beach Qatar; Simaisma Public Beach Qatar; Al Wakrah Beach Qatar; Zekreet Beach Qatar Qatar, with the golden sandy coastline and the dramatic terrains along the shore, is one of the significant vacation spots for family leisure and adventure. Fuwairit Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Qatar. The access from Doha is also great - just about 35 mins drive from. Commenting on the partnership, General Manager of Sealine Beach, a Murwab Resort, Mr. Nawaf Al Obaidly said: "We are honored to enter this partnership with the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) for the Al Enna project that aims enhance the overall desert and camping experience through improved services and safety, protecting the environment at Sealine." West of Qatar Zekreet Beach (Map). A play area is located by the beach where children can enjoy a variety of activities, games and rides as well as child friendly watersports. The sand here is wet and slippery, which can be … This is my personal win! Beautiful sandy beach ideal for families. Over the last 30 days, beach resorts in Qatar have been available starting from ₹ 5,075, though prices have typically been closer to ₹ 15,372. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Anjali is a passionate travel blogger and an enthusiast photographer travelling around the mountains to capture the best moments, discover and learn more about every nook and corner of the world. This … In order to fully enjoy beaches in the morning, we need to set our alarm clock somewhere between 4am and 5am. You can book your Qatar air tickets online and pack your bags for some adventure around the Qatar island and beaches. Q1. 10 things that are keeping me sane during self-isolation in Qatar. I will also share which place didn’t work for us at all. Qatar has several lovely family beaches but Khor Al Adaid is the only one where sea is surrounded by desert. Watch this space . What are the best activities to do in Simaisma Beach Qatar? The last major drawback is that going back after the sunset can prove very tricky, especially if it requires some offroad driving. Sealine Beach. The sea is also ideal for swimming. This is one of the best beaches I have seen in Qatar - beautiful, clean, sandy beach ideal for kids to play and with very good facilities - toilets at every 300 meters or so. Living my life to the fullest between sunny Qatar and my home country – Poland. The beach has a special family section as well as one for women and children, and a kids’ play zone. The pools are open daily from 6:00 to 21:00. Overnight oats make a great mess-free option for the kids, we also take a variety of fruits in the cooler, and of course coffee for the parents! 8 things about kids in Qatar that shocked me as a parent. A low-key vibe radiates from its delightful beaches, authentic markets, and amicable gardens. Qatar houses the most scenic and calm beaches offering a great family time in the country. There are those dreamy islands and beaches that lends comfort and peace to relax and rejuvenate your holiday spirit. Al Dayeen Municipality, North Doha (before Al Khor exit), Qatar. So what are our must-have beach items while touring the beaches in Qatar? In my next post, I’m going to list our favorite beaches in Qatar (so far) to enjoy time with the kids while avoiding the crowds. In Al Khor, the beach offers lots of facilities for visitors including a garden. The beach attracts the wilds and Simaisma is one of the best spots for. Obsessed with: travel, time management, books, cats and everything hygge. Modern developments have enabled the city to thrive, but you’ll still see locals holding on to their roots. Al Wakrah Beach. Q2. Travel in style to more than 160 destinations worldwide with Qatar Airways, a world-class airline - Book your flight online for exclusive fares. The Sharq. Simaisma Beach Resort. its really for family, kids will also enjoy because it … And one to avoid! Visitors can book one of the many beachfront hotels and enjoy the sun and the sea along with Qatar’s famous hospitality. Even though it does, Today was the first time we visited a park since o, I think my Instagram profile should soon be rename, OUR FAILED BEACH TRIP STORY Khor Al Udaid Beach. It is therefore important to do some research before going. This is another family favorite with all the facilities, lots of play area and suitable for swimming too. How to reach Simaisma Beach from Doha? There is washroom, showers, shades and parking space are some facilities that are offered at Simaisma Beach Qatar. Wakra Family Beach is one of Qatar’s most favourite beaches. Simaisma. — 14 Signs You’ve Been Spoiled by Life in Qatar. Sealine Resort. Simaisma Family Beach Qatar: A popular Attraction For Family Holidays, Simaisma Family Beach, Qatar For Spending A Perfect Family Holiday, Top Tourist Attractions That Inspire Travelers To Explore Qatar, Hosting The FIFA World Cup 2022: A Glimpse On The Challenges And Opportunities For Qatar, A Budget Vacation In Qatar; Reserve Your Best Stay With Airbnb In Doha, Discover Khor Al Adaid An Inland Sea At Qatar, The Best International Trips Under Budget From Qatar For Your Bucket List, 10 Finest Spas That You Can Visit On Your Travel In Qatar, Visiting Qatar For FIFA 2022: Here Are Some Unique Experiences During The Football Match In Qatar, Experience The Thrill Of Safari In Desert For Your Qatar Holidays. Going in the afternoon has some drawbacks, too! Then wake up the kids, which is a whole different challenge. Katara Beach. On top of that, there’s a big chance that your kids had their afternoon nap in the car and for the first hour or so they will function in a low-energy grumpy mode Afternoons and early evenings also tend to be the time when beaches are the most crowded (especially during weekends). I’m so happy that you found your way here! Q3. This beach is located some 45km north of Doha, and is home to some of Qatar’s beautiful mangroves. The things I always check before any beach trip are: This list was created on a trial-and-error basis. So what’s so bad about having breakfast at the beach? Al Wakrah Family Beach in Qatar is one of the beaches perfect for families, friends, and couples; with its amenities and facilities for a good beach day. Al Khor Beach. This is Ad, Today's blog post was long time coming! 02 August, 2020. Shallow swimming is possible, too. Near this beach is the charming souq wakrah. Khor Al Adaid attracts nature lovers with its beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife. The St Regis Doha. 14 Signs You’ve Been Spoiled by Life in Qatar. The pristine white sand and sparkling turquoise water is so… This beach is located some 45km north of Doha, and is home to some of Qatar’s beautiful mangroves. Adding more to its magnificence, the mangroves here create a curvature that makes the panorama more dramatic and sublime. Al Kharij Beach is located in Umm Bab, this family beach is also known as Palm Tree Beach for its cluster of palm trees. Firstly, it’s a great time to do an early dinner bbq, and for us, nothing tastes better than freshly prepared juicy burgers enjoyed under the shade on the beach! With the heat and humidity reaching ridiculous levels, we assumed staying outdoors for more than 15min was an impossible task. What makes this sandy beach an ideal stop for families is the features that ensure a pleasurable time during your vacation. The Simaisma Beach, with its serene and tranquil aura, offers the best memorable family time in the country. The other isn’t really ideal for getting into the water because of the rocky shore being at a higher elevation. What facilities are offered at Simaisma Beach Qatar? If … If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Near the Al Thakhira mangroves, just in front of the residential area is this beach, a small corniche you could say. Hilton Doha. You can imagine how many “Oh no, we forgot to bring … ” it took to put it together But it does make our life so much easier now! The Simaisma Beach, with its small cluster of Mangroves and the small hill, is listed among the best family attraction in the country. Enquire at the main entrance for details and prices. Al Wakra Family Beach is hidden south of the town of Al Wakra. The beach is difficult to locate not only because you must drive off-road to get there, but because signage actually directs visitors away from it. Although the beach is far away from the sea, one can still enjoy a good swim in the shallow waters. Based on our own experience of trial and error, below are three main rules which we stick to while enjoying beaches in Qatar, in the summer: It’s simply too hot, especially considering the little ones! Also, around 10-11am the heat becomes unbearable and we feel like we’re being chased out from the beach! Simaisma is a sleepy and serene coastal hamlet north of Doha in Al Dayeen Municipality. As Qatar moves on to Phase 2 of the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, more establishments and services are reopening.This includes restaurants, museums, heritage sites, souqs, and wholesale markets.This is in addition to the shops in malls, parks, and mosques that were reopened during Phase 1 which started on June 15. Every week we try to visit a different one. Q4. Here are some of the best features of Simaisma Beach: The Simaisma Beach Qatar is an ideal spot for a family vacation in Qatar where you can discover the marine life, the mangrove and the most enchanting beauty. There’s some logistics involved, but overall once you get yourself organized, it’s not as overwhelming as it seems to be! Al Thakhira Beach. — 8 things about kids in Qatar that shocked me as a parent. Also, beaches during this time of the day tend to be much less crowded than in the afternoon, and once you get back home you still have a whole day ahead of you. Beaches in Qatar, PART 1. Beaches in Qatar‎. This time we decided t, In spite of ridiculous heat (49'C, hello! Qatar is home to fabulous family-friendly beach clubs. Explore remote hideaways and turqouise waters, with our best offers available to premier beach destinations. In the past, we would never even consider visiting any beaches in Qatar between June and September. Offering a total relaxing ambience with stunning scenery in the backdrop, the beach is an ideal spot to spend some special time with family or with your partner. What’s also important is that once the sun starts setting, UV index goes down and it’s much safer for the kids to run around (and for us adults to chase them ). To begin with, once you climb out of your comfy air-conditioned car, you get hit in the face with the heat and humidity, because the temperatures didn’t start to drop yet. Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself at home . Make sure you carry your charcoal. Al Zubarah Fort, north west Qatar Just like Al Thakira Beach, Simaisma  adorns the beauty of glittering sand and the crimson dusk, making it on picturesque appeal to explore. With Covid pandemic messing up our holiday plans, Qatar’s scorching heat, and most indoor establishments still closed for kids below 12, it’s not easy to find ways to spend time as a family. Credit: Vinod Thadhani/Flickr. Katara Beach has a wide choice of water sports activities: boat rides, water skiing, wakeboarding, banana rides, wind surfing, kayaks and much more. ), we kep, So this weekend we have finally decided to venture, We interrupt the Beautiful Tunisia photo series to, So our trip to my favourite hidden gem places in T, While Qatar is reaching peak in coronavirus cases, This guy has been living in isolation for a month, Something to brighten up your day! While one might not enjoy the beach and water adventures here but the soft sand and the shallow water of the tides makes Simaisma a safe and perfect spot to spend an entire day at leisure. After ten days of exhilarating action at the maiden QOC Beach Games, the men’s beach football finalists emerged on Tuesday with Al Shahaniya … The biggest upside, for me, is that for the first 2-3 hours the weather is great! Even when you’re close, it appears to be a private facility. Located just at an approximate distance of 40 km from Doha, the beach is the perfect pick to spend a day at leisure. Suggested Read: A Take On The Finest Beaches in Qatar. Beaches in Qatar, PART 2. Three great beaches you've probably never heard of. Organizing family beach trips with small kids. Private islands in Qatar. One can even enjoy barbeque picnic and play football on the beach. The idea of enjoying breakfast on the beach is an appealing one, too! This year, out of desperation, we’ve decided to pursue this option. Also, leaving home in the afternoon gives us plenty of time to make sure that everything we need is packed up and all the necessary shopping is done. Simaisma Family Beach. If you are planning a holiday, you can book the best family hotels in Qatar like: The Simaisma family beach is around 40 km from the city of Doha that will take approximately 30 to 40 min to reach via cab. However, despite the fact that the landscape of Qatar seems more or less the same throughout the country, it does vary from one beach to another! There are shades available to relax and enjoy the sunset, admiring the vibrant colours falling on the coast. Simaisma Beach. Unlike Qatar’s free beaches, Katara Beach has lifeguards and security guards. Qatar, with the golden sandy coastline and the dramatic terrains along the shore, is one of the significant vacation spots for family leisure and adventure. More about Al Wakrah Create a flawless plan, make use of … Katara Beach Katara Beach is 1.5 km long public beach at Katara Cultural Village. The soft sands of the Simaisma Beach are perfect for long walks but beware of the insects that might be dwelling in the area. On my quest to en, Another day, another beach! For inquiries, please contact +974 4035 5555. Directions can be found here. Beautiful natural scenery and interesting local culture Only food and drinks purchased at Katara are allowed. With Covid pandemic messing up our holiday plans, Qatar’s scorching heat, and most indoor establishments still closed for kids below 12, it’s not easy to find ways to spend time as a family. The Simaisma Family Beach Qatar is one of the most popular family attractions to spend your holiday. Intercontinental Doha beach resort – the best beach hotel in doha for families. Sand is not crazy hot, humidity is on reasonable levels and temperatures are manageable. There are two beaches to barbecue at in Al Wakra – one is great for families with shaded areas, playgrounds and barbecue pits. Both timings have their upsides and downsides. First of all, we find it really difficult to wake up so early! So how are we doing it with two small kids in tow? Beaches in Qatar, PART 1. A cou, Today is a pretty special day for our family! I am a 30-something unruly lawyer, happily embracing the ups and downs of motherhood. We love exploring new beaches in Qatar! Situated on the northeastern tip of Qatar, just before Fuwairit Beach, Al Maroona is a natural treasure trove; the sand is soft and golden and the sea a big, warm paddling pool full of fascinating sea life to explore. Luckily, the upsides of afternoon beach trips outweigh the negatives. and its probably closest on the south of Doha. One of the best things about Qatar is that you can, This! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A UNESCO World Heritage site and only accessible across dunes by jeep or guided tour. The Simaisma Beach, with its serene and tranquil aura, offers the best memorable family time in the country. There are barbeque grills at the beach for you to plan a picnic lunch. A mesmerizing natural delight with pristine beauty, Fuwairit Beach is one of the best places to visit in Qatar. And what are the upsides? - that's what, When you Google "Doha" and click on "images", you. If you're looking for some good old family fun on the beach, then Al Maroona is well worth a visit. Organizing family beach trips with small kids.