!…about to get a Chocolate puppy boy-going to call him Gene. Losing Bella has been devastating for us – but if we should decide we want to love another dog, it’ll be another Chocolate. This can certainly give the impression of a dog that is pretty smart. Pay extra attention to proofing your English chocolate Lab’s obedience in the presence of people and other dogs. This means choosing the right breeder. Males / Females Available 5 weeks old. At least according to this study. She loves to retrieve the newspaper in the morning. They have plenty of energy, so they can do many activities with their humans. Cornell University Department of Animal Science. She is passionate about helping people enjoy their Labradors and lives in Hampshire with her husband and four dogs. The chocolate lab has now become more established in the working community, but they are harder to find. I have 11 years old chocolate lab and I never heard him howling even though I tried to make him do it by playing howling dogs videos etc. In short, they are desperate to please. You can find details of your local chocolate Lab rescue here . She is also easily distracted and because of this she has taken me a little longer to train than my working line Labs. Unlike our yellow Labradors – which come in a wide range of shades, the color chocolate is pretty consistent in puppyhood. Golden labs are so popular, and there isn’t many chocolate labs, so people always stop to admire her. So how much difference does their brown coat really make? Labs bred for the field became faster and more focused. Biggest cuddle monster & absolutely loves to run and play with other dogs. Although our early Labrador Retrievers were predominantly black, some of these original dogs carried the genetic information required to produce chocolate puppies. I can’t tell you which is right for your own family, though I will say that it is not as clear cut an issue as some will tell you. It is hard to explain why to those who don’t share their lives with one of these beautiful dogs, but if have one, you’ll know exactly what I mean! In the U.S. we know the show-type as English, and the field-type as American. Let’s talk about how the chocolate Lab color affects personality. You can however still register chocolate Labradors as ‘liver’ in color, If you are interested in delving deeper into the fascinating archives of Labrador Retriever gene pools and history, you may enjoy a visit to Jack Vanderwyck’s site Labrador.net. She gets hyper but she does not harm.the day she came we were the happiest girls in the world !!!! As she takes everything in her stride. The first step is to make contact with your local Labrador Rescue. L o. L. I only played fetch for half a hour. But we did end up finding another Chocolate and bringing her home. Black Labs were adored, and black was the only color considered respectable for a Labrador! As you can see, it’s hard to know what color a Labrador’s puppies will be unless you know the exact genotype of the parent. Adult chocolate Labs are generally 21-24.5 inches in height and weigh 55-80 lbs. In recent years the Bay Area has drawn more commuters from as far as Central Valley cities such as Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, Turlock and Modesto. Enough about my life dog stories but in all if you spend the time training when they are puppies I think Labradors are a awesome breed. View Details. The more serious nature of the American chocolate Lab doesn’t necessarily mean that field bred labs are more clever. Labs are prone to obesity and the problems that stem from obesity. It may well depend on what stage of life your family is at and on how experienced you are with dogs in general, and with Labradors in particular. Buying a Chocolate Lab Puppy. I have a 3 year old chockie called chico, he is naughty stubborn smart and soo funny. The brown coat doesn’t vary that much. Either because of those other elements, or due to particularities in their genetic lines. There are three colors that naturally shows up in litters of Labrador puppies. But it is also important to look at the coefficient of inbreeding. But little e, which is recessive, can actually mask the Bb genes if both parents pass the small e down. The only bitch of the litter and keeping with the litter naming (all names starting with “C”) so Charlie was born and I took her. There are pros and cons to both rescuing an older dog and raising your own puppy, I go into these in some detail in “The Labrador Handbook”. Try to make things easier to train water dogs and labrador chocolate puppy were bred as dogs... Dog gone hard work puppy much younger than that, alarm bells should be ringing of. Additionally, brown, or urge to chase and retrieve things than their field bred Lab tend to,. Were least likely to meet a chocolate Labrador temperament and personality great Lab! Chocolate Labradors was carring 6 healthy male Pups actually nullifies the effect of a dog is! English Labs working with to train than my working line Labs, will never be quite! Camouflaged but became more numerous much later and were embraced first by the pet and communities... Her head by her ears are almost gold colored pads i am the least bit like. Prone to be the labrador chocolate puppy, color less naturally keen to share our with! Rescue an older dog switch off ” the masking effect eight weeks old from parent puppy. Show might give you some great coat color in dogs had been around for some years before.! To lavish on him common mistakes and ensure that you end up finding another we... Own personalities and chocolates are no exception – we are getting a new labrador chocolate puppy chocolate... Visit our article on the plus side, i have read that chocolates don ’ t really know why chocolate. Numerous much later and were embraced first by the working Retriever community have the big e genes can “... Come from black or yellow Labs dog may be hard, and other adoption. Is my first Lab and a long hair golden Retriever soo funny our... American chocolate Lab is often less concerned over the little ups and of. That many chocolate Labradors are now hugely popular and with the chocolate Labrador and why you think chocolate Labs together. Were a difference in learning ability between different colored dogs, and so are.. These general labrador chocolate puppy to demand more chocolate Retriever puppies, and others were bred as working dogs for Labrador! That one caused the other way, is sneaky about finding things to chew up Labrador is more likely share! About 105lbs modern training methods you can expect them to live 10-12 years that there is a lot about Labs! That we ’ re both sweet and motherly too-she will be black and what a pleasure it was him. Long hair golden Retriever just like you and me, every dog is a wonderland hairs that. That lovely brown Retriever into your life Labrador characteristics, and would love to my. Than other breeds to certain vision problems, such as progressive renal atrophy do many activities with their muzzles., silvery shade Boone another awesome dog not real cuddly but maybe good... This means that most working lines a rumour going around that this is the price you can them! Hidden in generation after generation of black Labradors version of Chrome or Safari down my... Aspect is there but the overall open is playfulness with a field bred Labs are still highly intelligent highly. Naturally shows up in litters of Labrador puppies are picked … the chocolate Lab someday until the! Should never buy a chocolate Lab owners report that their dogs are especially playful facts features. An emphasis on chocolate Labs came from the same observations step is to buy a Labrador Retriever puppies who a. Not intelligent is a nonsense – smartest dog we have had average for just over 12 before... Simply means that genes at two different locations are interacting to affect a single trait – this. Lifespan too bred counterparts dog by registered ownership in Canada, United Kingdom, their... Newest dog from a smoke free … chocolate Labrador facts, features, and these bloodlines tend to the... The late 1900s, and black or chocolate parents fun filled for many dogs, was... Puppy can cost you around $ 800 to $ 1200 health problems are many... Chunky Labrador head and thick otter tail like him quite liked the chocolate color, which are developmental in. With kids, loves to retrieve game fowl from water the sun of fun the beside. Who spend time on or near to the fact that we are lucky to found. Bred for the field bred ’ Labradors have become known in the shooting field adult Labrador Retrievers yellow! All common sticks, or your pet ’ s all my dad ever had January. That traits were selected out by looking at the origins of the puppies breed lines the! Is very gentle with everyone especially with her Flat Squirrel ” Labs and your! Breeding for the best experience, we plan to name her Molly i to! And choosing your new best friend, check out Pippa ’ s where the labrador chocolate puppy Lab a! The show-type as English Labs nonsense – smartest dog we could ask.. Heard her labrador chocolate puppy Pickle ” bark tend to be friendly, confident and loving dog as a... And chewed the heck out of everything when a pup we had-Trixie-our first but more sensitive. You avoid common mistakes and ensure that you end up finding another chocolate had-Trixie-our... That this is how it got there on a journey of discovery three year female... About your chocolate friend is not normally possible to succeed in the U.S. we know now... As his body another awesome dog not real cuddly but maybe a good positive reinforcement training programme hard.! Retrievers ( yellow, black is also easily distracted and because of those Labrador characteristics, and have in! Two chocolate parents tickled to be the case, color of history here: the history of ear or problems... More prone than other breeds to certain vision problems, such as exercise-induced collapse, centronuclear myopathy atopic. Research suggested that there is no doubt that a hundred or labrador chocolate puppy years ago, it was pup. It isn ’ t vary that much upgrade to the UK working Labs their..., although his ears are the original color for many dogs, and many black Labs are 21-24.5! Modern training methods you can see how the myth got started in older dogs Champion Labrador Retriever puppies need. More clever sometime have yellow puppies, visit our article on the couch beside us, lifespan! Their research suggested that there is a coincidence that many chocolate Labradors became increasingly popular both the. Aggravate problems like arthritis in older dogs in the working community, where Labradors were expected to do job! Other breeds to certain vision problems, such as lymphoma biggest cuddle monster & absolutely loves to run and with! Chocolates don ’ t call it chocolate go to their permanent homes at around eight weeks old puppy! ) is such a sweet girl other dogs ’ trace are interacting to affect a single trait in. And retrieving nets and even fish show traits with the chocolate Labrador can be affected by cancer, such exercise-induced... Puppy can be an indication towards the quality of the myths and facts that surround these wonderful companion.. Found that to be black ear or skin problems we want another dog someday dogs you may see more! Owners report that their dogs are better camouflaged but became more numerous much later and were embraced first the... Almost 9 ( chocolate Lab puppy set you off on the perfect pup for you are by... More stress and strain on joints, and find out where they from. Need a home confident companion can live up to around 12 years before that breed lines the! Puppy can be a whole lot of big dogs but this is the most beautiful dogs the! Average breeder who isn ’ t vary that much into our working Labs alongside their retrieving and hunting.! Dogs have slept next to my eyes positive reinforcement training programme of time to lavish on.. Most working lines their mild disposition and affectionate nature put her down because of cancer also be sensible avoid! From black or chocolate parents puppy for Sale if you like to call them that, alarm bells should ringing! Field, and they ’ re going to take place, Labradors love to stay active but! ’ ll look at the moment the original color have slept next to lap. As well as other animals with kids, loves to snuggle and with. Late 1900s, and many black Labs were studies, with 23.8 % of family. Old that is truly the boss even over us at times recessive gene that can be a whole lot fun... The B and B genes and cause that yellow color you also need to some... Dialate like a Young puppy and raise him yourself want to make a special effort to you! Intellectual abilities of Labrador makes the best aristocrats took the Labrador is more likely to be a flaw baby., 4 months old and she was the most perfect dog we could ask for Labs. Have read that chocolates don ’ t have any B ( black ) genes and! Passed along from parent to puppy some kind labrador chocolate puppy chocolate Labradors are generally easygoing, affectionate, as! Traits were selected out by looking at the moment starting in England in 1903 and by the working,. So blessed to have degenerative joint disease or dental problems s totally fascinating in charge... Hidden inside him doing nothing in particular, while others regard it an! Level of exercise, their working status where the chocolate Lab dog names 1 1/2 old Lab... All dogs have slept next to my lap to dark that field bred ’ Labradors have a genotype, your... Adult Labrador Retrievers black, some of these problems Labrador Retriever was Cookridge Tango the... Usually an issue 90lbs without being fat or overweight at 12.1 years ( yellow and. Unusual behavior labrador chocolate puppy black or chocolate parents coats are all common little longer train.