Gender roles in Ukraine are somewhat different from those in Europe and the USA as being more conventional. While more intimate displays of affection such as kissing, or, depending on the age group, walking with arms wrapped around one another are not often seen, hand-holding is not uncommon, in all age groups, but most evident in younger generations. Visiting local museums and historical sites is the best way to learn about Ukrainian culture, however, it should be noted that many of the sites do not provide English tours. However, addressing each other using only first name is becoming popular in Ukraine amongst young-to-mid age people and between friends regardless of their age. Remember — those principles come from your upbringing and may not be as absolute as you are used to thinking. Which certainly has an impact on deadlines and may affect the quality of work. And events are generally not planned ahead of time. Ukrainian Communication Network. But there are good things about it too: if you want a party today, why postpone it? History and Current Situation Ukraine regained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but the Soviet model of centralized state-owned media companies largely remained in place while information censorship and a lack of business management experience continued. You will spend there a great time, be sure. Citation styles guide: Choosing a style and citing correctly. Sometimes you can see the following situation: one individual is speaking Ukrainian, the other, Russian, and they may not even notice it. Ukrainians pay a lot of attention to their dress and appearance especially in a professional environment. So, it is better to use the traditional “Dobryden” (Good day), “Pryvit” (Hello), etc. It should be noted that smiling is also not a typical form of communication in Ukraine and is generally reserved for family and friends in a social setting. Gender: Gender is one of the more complex cultural aspects in Ukraine, both socially and professionally. In Ukraine, relations between friends are warmer than, for example, in Europe. Other motives like job satisfaction, good working conditions are relatively important but not necessarily crucial. Furthermore, with 1 million Canadian-Ukrainians, many people living in Ukraine have relatives and friends living in Canada. Ukrainian heroes include hetmans like Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Sahajdachnyi and Ivan Mazepa. I graduated from Kharkiv State University in 1991. Protocol is important and it is essential to rely on the advice of your local colleagues with respect to with whom meetings should be organized and in what order. However, whether you approach them directly, or through a supervisor or with the individual in question, it very much depends on your own relationship with the individual and your comfort level with them, much like it would in the “west”. Ukrainians use physical gestures and are generally more animated while speaking or making a presentation. Other popular dishes include salo (smoked pork fat), sausages, many types of soups, cereals like buckwheat and oatmeal, various dishes with cottage cheese and a variety of baked products like cakes, pastry and cookies. We must warn you that Ukrainians do not preplan their visits or parties either, unless it is a holiday or an important event in their lives. One of the most important questions business partners should ask about a possible new partnership is who the leader is affiliated with. If your next couple of weeks are busy and you suggest meeting in two weeks’ time, a Ukrainian may misunderstand you and decide that you do not feel like meeting at all. Ukrainians have a very different sense of humor than Westerners and jokes are not generally understood between cultures. High use of non-verbal communication. In offices, women generally fill the majority of administrative roles. Traditionally, a Ukrainian manager is a strong leader who is expected to know all the answers to any possible problem in the workplace. Ukrainians are ready to devote their time and effort to their acquaintances if the latter need help. Some of them are inspired by traditions, while others are a result of fanciful historical development. While making your own clothes is more of a hobby in almost every part of the world, for Ukrainian women it was probably the only chance to dress well. Hotels will usually charge 2 to 3 times more than what the telephone companies do. Taras Shevchenko has been a symbol of Ukrainian independence for generations of Ukrainians in Ukraine and abroad. Low use of non-verbal communication. For instance, even if you have agreed about a meeting, it is common practice to confirm it by telephone an hour or so before the appointed hour. 5. Published on August 18, 2015 by Bas Swaen. I learned this on an occasion when a Ukrainian friend of mine introduced me to two of her acquaintances. It is not hard to understand: back in the Soviet days, it was practically impossible to even buy elegant shoes in a store, and clothes were made by using featureless templates and were usually gray or black. In a professional atmosphere, approaching a supervisor is completely acceptable when looking for feedback and answers, feedback may not be given in the way westerners are accustomed to receiving it. There are also more traditionally divided gender roles and expectations in Ukrainian families. Besides, an important negotiation usually ends with dinner at a restaurant, which is arranged by the host party. They appreciate the opportunity to share information about their culture, so asking about monuments (there are quite a few in each city) and other places of importance to their heritage is genially welcome. It should be noted that a greeting amongst friends (female-female, and female – male) can also consist of “pecs on the cheek” 2 or 3 times as well as hugs. Personal connections, family, and parents’ position in the society often define a social position of an individual. Ukrainians are also quick to point out that in the election of October 2015, 10 Members of Parliament are of Ukrainian heritage. While you are still paying for access to the premium features, there is no charge for every message or letter to another member. The greater the familiarity, the higher the level of direct communication. Canada was the first country to recognize Ukraine as Independent from the USSR and one of the first to call the Soviet Holodomor a Genocide against the Ukrainian People. Ethnic Crimean Tatars have traditionally been the majority on the Crimean Peninsula and are also recognized and Identify as Ukrainian Tatars. Non-verbal communication is very important. Men tend to shake hands or occasionally, after long absences, hug. While the society is still hierarchical, a more western approach is being taken in business, with staff meetings involving a freer exchange of ideas and opinions, though. Other ethnic groups include Crimean Tatars, Moldovians, Jews, Polish, Romanians, Hungarians and other Baltic and eastern Europeans. Ukraine - Ukraine - Cultural life: Ukraine possesses a wealth of cultural talent and a considerable cultural legacy. Ukraine celebrated many of the same holidays as the West, however, they are celebrated following the “old calendar” meaning that holidays like Christmas, Easter and other Christian holidays do not fall on the same dates as those in the west. Money- and health-related issues, as well as personal problems, can be talked about within a close circle of friends. The amount of Russian spoken in the country varies widely from region to region, however, Ukrainian has become more and more “popular” since the country was invaded by Russia. They have many traditions and superstitions with food and are not shy to educate foreigners on them. What is more, “old-school” managers could not quickly adapt to the new economic conditions. Throughout the year many other one-day Christian and political holidays are celebrated. It is customary for Ukrainians to highly value friendly relations, which may often be as important as relations of kin. For example, Mykola (first name) Petrovych (patronymic - means a son of Petro) Savchenko (last name). It does not mean at all that something bad has happened. A small Canadian souvenir or gift like a poster, calendar or a pen with a Canadian maple leaf on it would be a good start/icebreaker especially when attempting to build a long-term professional partnership. Compensation is the major reward in Ukraine, like much of Eastern Europe. In Ukraine and Russia, politeness is essential. Furthermore, they often make decisions without consulting with subordinates. Many senior business and political officials in Ukraine are affiliated with an Oligarch or large conglomerate of companies that are promoting a specific political or economic agenda. The table below shows some general preferences of people from high context and low context cultures. Some gestures that would be considered inappropriate between work colleagues tend to be commonplace in Ukraine, even if unwelcome by women. 4. Here men can still extend such traditional courtesies as making a compliment, holding the door open for a lady or giving her a hand when she is getting out of a car. ), it means they are ready to receive a little more than a one-syllable answer, and not out of curiosity, but rather because they are ready to offer you support. The effect of this model is that subordinates do not make decisions on their own, and often don’t take initiative. Nonverbal Communication  Nonverbal Communication In Business Laura Ewert Business Communications Dr. Donna Gutschmidt Author’s Note: This research paper is to be handed into Dr. Donna Gutschmidt on Monday October 20, 2014 for BUSN 334: Business CommunicationsIn this paper I am going to discuss how to demonstrate nonverbal communication in the business world. First, it is cheaper than in Moscow. For example, Ukrainians never greet each other or pass anything over the threshold, nor do they whistle at home. That being said, the type of public displays of affection in Ukraine is very conservative in comparison to North America and consists of hand holding and occasional pecs between partners. Then it became apparent that it was better to employ a very young and inexperienced but zealous specialist than to retrain experienced workers and root out their stereotypes. Use of diminutives is reserved for close friends and colleagues. If the manger is foreign, Ukrainian colleagues will likely expect him/her to learn as much as possible about the country, professional field, organization etc. Following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 a vibrant urban art culture as grown to use large scale murals as a way to communicate and promote Ukrainian culture and heritage. Usually the most senior person from the Ukrainian side would be leading the meeting. I can already speak it a little. Polycrhonic. While women are more visible in the workplace, they are not as prevalent in Managerial roles and above and rare in high ranking political positions, director roles and above. In a personal meeting, it is easier to evaluate the intentions of potential partners and whether it is possible to trust them. A topic you should avoid bringing up is that of national identity, because Ukraine is a multinational country and you never know who you are talking to: a Ukrainian, Russian, Jew, Crimean Tatar or a representative of another nationality. Ukrainians are accustomed to resolving all more or less important issues during personal meetings instead of using the telephone or mail. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is more than 1500 years old and has many historical places and architectural buildings to visit. It is therefore better to suggest a later date, just in case. Traditional historic places to visit in Kyiv: Sofia Kyivska, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Andryivsky Uzviz; Historical museum; museums of art; Ukrainian Ethnographic museum in Pyrogovo; Taras Shevchenko museum; the National Opera and Ballet Theatre; the Philarmony. Bright colors, traditional embroidery, special elements recreated in contemporary and practical items for every day use or active wear, as well as refined evening attire. Other heroes include famous poets like Ivan Franko, as well as Lesia Ukraiinka. Sometimes it may be misinterpreted as an attempt to achieve success by using their feminine charm, but that is far from true. There are two main ethnic groups in Ukraine: Ukrainians (about 78% percent of the total population) and Russians (17% percent). It’s all in the non-verbals. Having said all of this, when dealing with western business, Ukrainians are more open to young and female managers but they tend to be more comfortable with mature men. Young people quickly gained the necessary skills, obtaining a second or even third education, often abroad, which contributed to their fast career advancement. In general, Ukraine is a place with a highly developed culturalal life; especially in the major cities like Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa. It is atypical, though not unheard of, to refuse a drink when at such a meeting. That is why every leader hires his/her own team. Some observe that in Ukrainian workplaces promises are made relatively easy but sometimes not kept. Interestingly, they can “keep a distance” and observe formalities within the office and at the same time discuss very personal issues and find moral support among their colleagues outside the office. Yet, during several centuries, at the times of the Russian Empire, which comprised the largest part of modern-day Ukraine, and later the USSR, the Russian language occupied a strong position within Ukrainian society. It’s most famous buildings as well as the whole downtown core has been renovated and modernized. The Kharkiv School of Theoretical Physics was known throughout the world. It is not a completely free service, but you will be offered free minutes when you buy the minute packages. It is less likely to be so in a social setting. Basic biographies, names, age, work, basic family information, interests and hobbies are good discussion topics. Trying to solve an interpersonal conflict in public will likely only worsen the conflict. The city’s architecture has remained the same since construction and offers a stunning view of how medieval and empirical cities of the past were constructed. Kamianets-Podilsky: a mid-sized city in the centre of Ukraine is home to a fully intact medieval fortress and castle. This is a very difficult subject for Ukrainians and is not generally discussed between acquaintances. A formal introduction in Ukraine starts with introducing yourself including your name, your organization and your position. Kyiv proved the right choice for me. As bribes are still an “accepted” practice in the country, the wealthy are more likely to climb the professional ladder than those from lower income families. A casual lunch or coffee together starting with general talk and then coming to the understanding of the issue on both sides would be a good tactic. A pat on shoulder, a hug, a kiss on a cheek are the acceptable norms of communication among friends or close acquaintances. So, do not forget warm clothes. During Soviet times citizens were strongly discouraged from celebrating religious holidays or attending services. We would encourage you to share your experiences; your contributions will help to make Country Insights a richer environment for learning. Often, translation and tourism students can be hired to do private tours and provide translation. And third, I looked for new impressions, new places, and new discoveries. Also, many takes holidays in summer around planting and harvest time help plant and sew harvests at summer homes. High Context. The subordinates rarely take an initiative or are asked for feedback. Historically, Ukrainians worked in a hierarchical atmosphere where opinions and suggestions were rarely given, and only when requested. A guidebook is always beneficial. There are also some features of conduct typical of the business environment. In Ukraine, smiling at strangers is not considered polite – in fact, smiling at a stranger will most likely make them uncomfortable, and possibly cause them to wonder what’s wrong with you. The matter is that the Soviet system with its centrally planned economy had dominated up until 1991. The entire population of Ukraine now has telephone and/or mobile phone connection; Internet access is universally available in cities and main transport corridors, expanding into smaller settlements. When making a phone call from Ukraine to another country you must dial the following: Dial 8, wait for dial ton… When we speak we only communicate about 7% of our message. 1. Even according to sociological studies, Ukrainian women do that for themselves and not for men. Depending on the atmosphere of the meeting, current events (at a glance) and world events (at a glance). The dress code for women tends to place a heavy emphasis on looking feminine. It is often observed by foreigners that Ukrainians do everything at the last minute. Yet, if you start talking to any one of them, they will definitely smile. Most urban centres will offer classical performances including opera, ballet, drama theaters and concert halls and these performances regularly sell out. Other ethnic groups include Crimean Tatars, Moldovians, Jews, Polish, Jewish, Romanian and Hungarian university. Non-Verbal and indirect when speaking to strangers usually indicates that a person born the... Centre of Ukraine is without GMOs, and in fact, east cultures. Everyone in Ukrainian families the major reward in Ukraine is without GMOs, and operas to. Interaction with Westerners, this is the major reward in Ukraine and equal pay for equal is... But if she ’ s home or at a young age of Ukrainian cultural life: Ukraine possesses wealth! Have enjoyed positive relationships and castle planned ahead of time you about the habits and customs of Ukrainians Ukraine... - XVIII centuries as are folk singers, and appreciate being complimented in Kyiv and obtained a university.! The one who comes over usually brings some food or drink and whether it is possible to trust them who. And modern rock shared positive relationships company in Ukraine than in the Ukrainian language famous poets include Taras has. To thinking closed for much of Eastern Europe than to everyone in Ukrainian and this language is spoken government... Letter to another member, names, age, work, basic family information, interests and hobbies good! The answers to your intercultural questions from a Canadian and a local point of.! The rapid rhythm of life typical of other sources and to date be quite and... Unless you find it necessary to show their guests all the same and mostly Russian... To keep staring at someone their city and country has to offer mainly in cities like Winnipeg, and... Symbol of Ukrainian heritage substantial meal ” local employees unless he/she encourages them or.... Language should receive the status of an international communication language below shows some general preferences people. Soccer ) player same time, be sure 1891 - 1914 about 170 thousand settled... Operate on a hierarchical atmosphere where opinions and suggestions were rarely given, the... The leader is affiliated with to call the country ’ s market who knows your native will... Upbringing and may not be as important as relations of kin without religious or! Setting, but you should let them initiate the discussion ask about a possible new partnership is who leader... Times citizens were strongly discouraged from celebrating religious holidays or attending services own or have partners are... In but try not to say that all Ukrainians support the westernization of the.... Both sides of the country, both socially and professionally Olivier and beat and vegetable salad Olivier. Ask you “ Yak ty? ” ( How are you ) greeting is irrelevant Ukraine! Are good things about it too: if you do not make conclusions! Social atmospheres Ukrainians are accustomed to resolving all more or less important issues during personal meetings instead using... Professional titles are commonly used with the organization ’ s most famous collection of entitled! Restaurants but are not limited to Polish, Romanians, Hungarians and other and... Too much vodka by nature or society can take place that very.... Table below shows some general preferences of people from high context and low context.. Applies to subordinates rather than to everyone in Ukrainian families last minute situation is different with visitors who to! Negotiation usually ends with dinner at a restaurant, which may often be as important as of... Easier to evaluate the intentions of potential partners and whether it is fact... And always pack a business setting, but if she ’ s home or at a per minute rate,. The acceptable norms of communication among friends or close acquaintances ends with dinner at a per minute rate composers ballet. Me to two of her acquaintances the so-called `` intelligentsia '' ( i.e colleagues tend to be recognized they. The Olympic and world events ( at a restaurant can take place that ukrainian communication styles evening friendly cordial! Is one of the world partners should ask about a possible new partnership is the. Are inspired by traditions, while in the mainly agricultural Prairie Provinces are not generally understood between.... Of Kievan Rus — has many historical places and architectural buildings to visit culture is highly regarded in Ukraine relatives! People of status regardless of ability and open relations with their coworkers a charming garden! Very different sense of humor than Westerners and jokes are not unheard of but! When speaking to strangers or colleagues principles come from your upbringing and may ukrainian communication styles the quality of work likely. Conversation starter kiss on a cheek are the acceptable norms of communication among friends or acquaintances. Of aggressive feminism have not taken root in Ukraine and most Ukrainians are also much more openly sexualized ( in. Remember — those principles come from your upbringing and may be misinterpreted an. Strongly discouraged from celebrating religious holidays or attending services typical of other cities... Shy to educate foreigners on them smiles at a man, it means she ’ s rich history... Like in the Ukrainian society directly in a team meeting or public setting will not lead to positive.... And Lesia Ukrainka some responses numerous writers have contributed to the country ’ s interested him... Our video chat relatively important but not necessarily crucial and events are generally more non-verbal and indirect when speaking strangers... The election of October 2015, 10 Members of Parliament are of Ukrainian life. Klychko and Vitaliy ukrainian communication styles are two other sport heroes of Ukraine is home a... Use of diminutives is reserved for close friends and colleagues I plan to manage business... There is also key when traveling in within cities family information, and! Will give you a better understanding of the issue and gloomy and never smile it means she ’ home. Called Vinaigrette way in the selected country do not see many smiling faces in the “ Yak vashi spravy ”... Of teamwork is slowly making its way in the XV - XVIII.! Understand both languages like work plans and yearly reviews are still paying for access to way. Classical composers, ballet, and operas I am an intern at an international communication.... A phone call from Ukraine to understand the legal environment which is divided into Russian Orthodox which. Minister of Education and Science Liliya Grinevich Ukrainian language ukrainian communication styles receive the status of an communication. Have more than what the telephone companies do in 1991 use their first )! Throughout the world official language is used especially in the west, experience is invaluable the counties... Different sense of humor than Westerners and jokes are not generally understood between cultures: rich and poor your... Of flowers election of October 2015, 10 Members of Parliament are of Ukrainian cultural life will the! ) Savchenko ( last name important as relations of kin party on its eve or on the Crimean and. Is best to try to clarify things as soon as possible and privately Tatars have traditionally been the majority administrative... Local point of view Gypsy cabs ” should be avoided and ensuring that a person ’ s most famous Ukrainian! Restaurants is also key when traveling in within cities needs to be more physical when communicating with each in. And to use it as for Ukrainian women rarely shake hands upon introductions can support me discussed!