How to create solid investment plan? Dear Arjun, Senior Citizen Specified Disease Plan by Oriental Insurance: In this plan, the policyholder has the option to choose sum insured of Rs 1 lakh, 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs, 4 lakhs or 5 lakhs. 1. And take Senior citizens plan (family floater for both the parents) after your father attains 60 years of age (you can consider not renewing employer’s mediclaim for them next year). 1- 50 lakhs--Lifeline Elite Plan. Dear Rupesh, Ex: Star health’s & ICICI Lombard’s Diabetes care. Differences :- In Max bupa irrespective of claim 10% bonus is accrued till 5 years (thus,SA will increase by 50%) * Latest Health Insurance Incurred Claims Ratio 2017-18 | Best Health Insurance Companies List. 1-10 lakhs: No pre-policy medical check-up required Available with greater Sum Insured coverage up to Rs.10 Lakhs; Lifetime Renewability Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan: 46: 70: Rs. Have developed a habit of spending an hour every night on your site for the past one week. 20% co-payment clause on every claim under senior citizen plan, rest will be paid by the insurer. But do not expect high quality of service from Public sector General insurers. Kindly check out Star health’s ‘Diabetes Safe’ Plan . Do mention the details of the pre-existing diseases in the proposal form without fail. Are you aware of the differences between Term insurance & Health insurance? I am insured with the Sr.Citizen Red Carpet Insurence since 2015 for Rs.2,00,000/-. We need to buy a new Health Insurance Plan. All you need to know about Property Encumbrance Certificate (EC), SBI’s Mega e-Auction of Residential & Commercial Properties – Bid & Buy. Kindly read: Best portals to compare health insurance plans. Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy SHAHLIP21265V042021. It offers cover to people from the age of 60 and allows the admission right up to the age of 75. (Suggestions – Apollo Optima senior or United India’s Senior Citizen Plan). Consider Star health’s ‘diabetic specific’ plan for your mother and for your father pick any plan from the above list. But Religare has copay which Optima don’t have. Angioplasty done in 2000. Dear Naveen, Ans:Yes, it is covered along with a few other modern treatments but sub-limits are applicable.Â, **Discount is offered by the Insurance company as approved by IRDAI for the product under File & Use guidelines #On the basis of your profile, CIN: U74999HR2014PTC053454 Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited (formerly known as Policybazaar Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited) Policybazaar is currently registered as a Web aggregator by IRDAI. I am trying to purchase a plan which would cover the cost if any treatment is required immediately. Star Medical Insurance: Red Carpet Senior Citizens An appropriate plan for the senior citizens which provides complete protection provided by Star Health Insurance. You may consider these plans. Health check-up expenses are covered. This plan comes with multiple Variants with coverage of up to Rs 1 crore. Kindly share the post with your friends too. If the plan meets your requirements and is affordable to you, you may go ahead. I am confused going through many plans. I want to know with the given conditions & age which type of Mediclaim policy should i go for which can cover the pre-existing disease with minimum co-pay and the best one. Kindly share your views on which are the best investment options that seniors can afford to invest? Read : Best portals to compare Health insurance plans. But suggest you to consider a plan which has a co-pay clause & renewable life-long. Your verdict will be valuable. Read my article “Top up & Super Top up health insurance plans” to know about the benefits of Super Top up plans. Kindly read: Co-payment clause – 30% for other than claims for pre-existing diseases and 50% for pre-existing diseases. (for dependent parents so that it would be useful to millions who are sitting on the fence). So, citi is just the mediator (insurance broker). hence the policy was rejected(payment wassent back), please advice is there any way that i can get a policy again? However, while Senior Citizen Red Carpet gives a sum insured of up to Rs 2 lakh, Varistha Mediclaim offers a maximum sum insured of only Rs 1 lakh. My employer’s insurance does not cover my parents healthcare. Do not include them in your family floater plan if you are planning to take one. The main aim of his blog is to "help investors take informed financial decisions." bank a/c holder united india insurance super top plan insurance family 1 +5 ( with parents) without medical test apply better or not ? Sum Insured: Rs.50,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/-. Mother has Thyroid. I don’t know why it is not covered? Dear friend, When you say it is for Sr.Citizens, naturally rate of premium will be more according to the age and also about the particular plans. Can I raise this amount by another 2 lakhs. My dad is 49 years old and mother is 44 years old. Dear Gagan, 1 Lakh-10 Lakh. Star Health Insurance. Cumulative bonus of 10% on Sum assured can be accumulated for every claim free policy year. Hospitalization Cover: Room, Boarding and Nursing expenses. Hi Srikanth, I took ICICI Lombard’s policy for my parents 6 years back for 6 lacs (3 lac each and no health issues till now)and I need to get it renewed before this month end (they increased the premium to 63K now). Also let me know whether i should consider taking senior citizen plan for my father. Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan. He is an Independent Certified Financial Planner (CFP), engaged in blogging & property consultancy for the last 10 years through his firm ReLakhs Financial Services . You may take any Senior Citizen oriented plan with Co-pay clause. The coverage include room rent, nursing and boarding charges, Consultants, Specialist Fees, Cost of Medicines and Drugs, Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner etc. I believe you inform/educate your clients about the pros & cons of a financial product. He has medical history of treating Kidney Stones & Type 2 diabetes. Considering the ever-increasing medical treatment expenses in India, you have to plan for having an Emergency fund for unforeseen consequences. First will they agree to issue policy. Do check out. Hi sreekanth , I want to buy good health insurance plan for my parents. Any individual in the age group of 60-75 years is eligible to take this health insurance plan. The maximum deduction that you can claim is Rs.50,000 in a financial year. Informed clients can take better investment decisions. I know many health insurance companies have recently introduced senior citizen health plans. The product offered by the Citibank is Royal Sundaram’s Health Forever. Urine report. I am planning to buy a separate cover for my parents.Please suggest some suitable plan and whether I should buy insurance as floater policy or individual sum assured for my parents. Evaluate these 11 factors when buying a health plan. Read: Best portals to compare health insurance plans. Dear Sandeep, If your employer has an option to include parents in mediclaim policy, kindly include them ASAP. Can I trust health insurance companies? Covers pre-existing diseases from the second year onwards. They are 68 and 65 year old respectively and do not have any pre existing ailment except my mother has knee arthritis. Star Health Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan. Kindly read: Best portals to compare health insurance plans. Kindly read below articles; he has sugar and BP. Can you provide your opinion on the right insurer with the above requirements? Best Family Floater Health insurance plans. Else, check out the ones offered by PSU general insurers. Benefits of Top Up & Super Top up Health Insurance Plans. Best Portals to compare health insurance plans. ; Wide Range of Sum Insured Options- The sum insured options for individual cover are Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 25 Lakh.And those who are looking for family floater coverage can choose between Rs 10 Lakh and the Rs 25 Lakh. There are no pre-existing diseases as such & we do not have any cover as of now, can your recommend which one should we go for. 3 Lakh: Get Quotes Now: Red Carpet Mini: 60 Years; Max 75 Years: 1 Lakh: Get Quotes Now: Star Comprehensive Min: 3 Months; Max: 65 Years: 5 Lakh: Get Quotes Now: Family Health Optima Min: 16 Days; Max: 65 Years: 3 Lakh: Get Quotes Now Senior Citizen Insurance Plan: Hospitalisation and nursing expenses up to 1% of sum insured is coveredAll doctors and intensive care charges are covered. Covers pre-existing diseases from the second year onwards. (considering – liquidity, age, investment risk, resources, medical inflation etc). I would like to opt for independent medical policy . Would you recommend the same? I want a Senior Citizen Policy for my parents. I ‘m looking for a health insurance for my father with recurring illness where the pre existing illness should be covered with in a month. It is very tough to identify the best health insurance plan. You can speak to our team of health insurance experts to guide you in choosing the right plan for your parents or for elderly people. Best Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens. Best portals to compare health insurance plans. Hi, srikant if some one has been operated for breast cancer, 16 years back, and is fine now(currently aged 63)what are the best mediclaim policies available. Evaluate these 11 vital factors before buying a medical insurance plan. Star Health Insurance Company provides one of the best health plans for senior citizens named Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan. Dear Sarma, depends on your affordability, current medical condition, family medical history, sources of income, financial profile etc., Dear Rupali, Pre-existing diease covered after 2 years, Free annual health check up,No claim bonus of 10% on every renewal,day care treatment Best health insurance plans for senior citizens. Best portals to compare health insurance plans. All pre-existing diseases are covered except for diseases for which treatment was recommended by or received during the immediately preceding 36 months. Suggest you to visit ‘best portals for comparing Health insurance plans‘ and shortlist suitable plans for your parents. Minimum Premium Important features; 1: Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan: 18 to 65 years: 1 to 25 lakhs: Rs 5,825: Covers entire family. Cash-less facility for home-care treatments is also available. Many Thanks. Because co-pay also increases and chances of rejection also become high. Wife has Hypothyroid and Recently mild Diabetic diagnosed. Hi, Max: 75 years; Min: 1 lakhs; Max: 25 lakhs; 50% for pre-existing diseases. Dear Sumant, Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet | Senior Citizen Health Plan | Hindi ... 10:15. Is your father going to discontinue the exisiting New India Assurance plan? 1. 6. Is it ok to combine my parents or shall I opt for separate policy as suggested above. Dear lasya, She also has diabetes. Best portals to compare health insurance plans. One restrictive feature of this policy is that 20% of any claim amount has to be co-paid by the insured. Dear Vivek, Hi Sreekanth. I was reviewing Religare NCB Super, but it seems that Arthritis are not covered until 4 years of consecutive policy years. It might be useful to them too. Any senior citizen who is 60 years old is eligible for National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Policy up to 80 years of age. How to file a claim You can file a claim in two different ways: Star Health Senior Citizen (Red Carpet) Plan Eligibility Criteria. You may consider Star Health’s Diabetic specific plan for your father. I am looking for health insurance for my parents above 64 years. Ex – Start health / ICICI Lombard / Apollo Munich has these kind of plans. I went through Star live red carpet, however could you please suggest a couple of good plans for them that cover generall health care and Kindly read this article : Best portals to compare health insurance plans. I am a salaried person. Star Red Carpet senior citizen health plan is perfectly designed for elderly people above the age of 60 years. a medical test was also done. Thanks for writing the article with brilliant analysis. Any individual between the age of 60 to 75 years can take this insurance policy. 1 Lakh and Rs. 1-10 lakhs Optima Restore is costly then Religare. Do you think it is still essential to buy a separate health insurance cover for her? Dear prakash, Kindly read: Any idea which would be the better option? Regarding the Parents individual policies, you can port the policies to STAR/Max bupa/Apollo Munich. Is it worth buying Health insurance after a certain age? Suggest you to go for individual mediclaim policies. Her sugar, BP and cholesterol are under control. Also, maximum number of complaints are flooded against health insurance companies if you search any consumer grievance website on the net. AY 2020-21 Income Tax Deadlines you must know about! The only alternative is to have your emergency fund. I have few queries and i hope you can guide me way:-, Father: 78 yrs (does not have any policy) – High BP My mutual fund portfolio. I want to take a medical cover for my parents aged 59 & 58 years. This article is about some of the Top and best health insurance plans in India for senior citizens in 2019. My parents are in late 50s, i am planning to invest in mf with time frame of 10 years insted of relying on insurance ( i know how difficult is to get something from them, most are thugs). 2. I need a policy which has less copay, greater benefits for parents aged 75 & 74 this year and the same needs to be renewed every year. For senior citizens a lot of time day-care procedures are required, the policy covers all the day-care treatments and surgeries that do not require 24 hours of hospitalization, 30 days of pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are given in a lump sum, Claim for ambulance charges is also accepted, Sub-limits apply to certain specific illnesses. Private Insurers offer Rs. Check out Star health’s Red carpet plan or New India’s/National insurance plans. My wife is Type 2 Diabetic I am okay but have Psoriasis. I always prefer to have health insurance to be independent of my employment. Do try to get clarifications for all your queries, kindly understand the terms& conditions related to sub-limits, co-pay clause (if any), pre-existing disease conditions, etc., So should we also have Super top up over and above this, if yes, then how much. You can take independent plan for your mother. My only concern here is to find a policy so that I could meet my Mom’s health expenses(if any) occurs. Dear Mathew, In such case, what do I do? No pre-medical check- up 3. It is bit challenging task to identify a best health insurance plan. So can you please suggest a good plan. Star Health Insurance. I am sure you will be in a better position to decide by doing this exercise. My Father-in-law is 64 years with Diabetic . Right now if I want to buy a medical insurance for my parents,which product would be better ? Medical reimbursement: The fact that the insurer will now have to reimburse at least 50 per cent of costs of medical tests may also lead to a hike in premiums. Prateek – Star health is a decent company. feature wise this good also they have a futuristic approach. OR would it makes sense to include my parents under my employer health plan? This is really a valuable piece of information Sreekanth. Read : Best portals to compare Health Insurance plans. The benefits are as follows: No medical test required before applying for the policy; Protection up to INR 25 lakhs … Best portals to compare Health insurance plans. Of the numerous medical insurance plans in the market, you may find that each one is unique in some way or the other, with its own benefits and limitations. This is a good policy providing coverage at reasonable rates. Checkup benefit for every claim free year. Can u please suggest me a health insurance which can benefit me in some way. Dera Chirag ..Kindly use the comparison portals and shortlist the suitable one. If you are looking for a senior citizen policy, you may go with this plan. In Max bupa policy taken after 65 years Co pay applies and gets reduced after Every year till 4 policy renewal year. Best Family floater health insurance plans. please suggest the health insurance for them. Registered Office - Plot No.119, Sector - 44, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001, IRDAI Web aggregator Registration No. If you own the Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance policy of Star Health, you can get the coverage for in patient hospitalization expenses for a minimum of 24 hrs. Dear Aparna, Is Religare Care health insurance a good option for my dad ? Medical Insurance is a contract based policy with legal jargon thrown in. My wife and I both have covered my mother under our employers’ medical insurance plans. Rest most of the things I found same in both the products. Thanks again.. Dear Darpan, 10% co-pay clause is applicable. Dear Anil, You can avail a loan under the senior citizen pension scheme. You have mentioned that ‘features’ are your priority and not premium, in such a scenario may be you can consider Apollo or MaxBupa plan(s). of age.. my mother has to see doctor every month for her health check up, she is currently on medicine taking multivitamine tables & BP tablets You may consider two separate mediclaim plans for your parents. This housing scheme is scheduled to be completed within mid […] I will take a term insurance plan and a family floater plan for my family for health issues . This plan has certain Sub-limits and Co-payment clause, kindly go through the Policy T&Cs. My father does not have any medical issue but my mother was operated with bypass surgery in 2007 . 2. 6. The premiums keep rising with the age. Are you a salaried person? Salient Features. if the claim is 3.5 lakhs how to apportion the claim from first policy taken and the policy taken later. Coverage Limit : 5 to 7 Lac Features of Star Red Carpet Senior Citizen Health Plan. I need advise on the best health insurance policy for my parents. Am looking for a health cover for my father who is 54 years old. Thanks in advance. However, while Senior Citizen Red Carpet gives a sum insured of up to Rs 2 lakh, Varistha Mediclaim offers a maximum sum insured of only Rs 1 lakh. Recommended Plans. Corona Kavach & Corona Rakshak Health Insurance Plans | Details & Review, Income Tax Deductions List FY 2020-21 | New Vs Old Tax Regime AY 2021-22, Latest Health Insurance Incurred Claims Ratio 2018-19 Data | Top Health Insurance Companies List. Medical Consultations as an Out Patient in a Network Hospital. Do you think it is a good option considering low premium whereas similar conditions in the market would take premium upto Rs.35k? Eligibility of Star Health Insurance Plan 2 Lakhs: Any Indian resident between 18 years and 65 years are eligible to avail. levels in control , no other related issues. I need your valuable guidance as I thought of taking a fresh FPP policy after March 2015 for me, my spouse, my son and my parents for 6 lacs so that the premium amount would be calculated based on my age. Click here to read the full disclaimer. has some knee problems not major. They may load the premium and issue a policy (higher premium). All Rights Reserved.. Best health plan for you and your family. Star Health Senior Citizens Red Carpet policy looks after the medical needs of senior citizens and provides a secure financial future to them. Entry up to 65 years. Father had a slip disc surgery but now 100% cured. Since portability is allowed, senior citizens can compare policies and migrate to a cheaper one. Specially designed for Senior citizens from 60-75 years of age. Evaluate these factors when buying a health plan. Dear Anurodh, We really appreciate your effort and time in doing this. What plans would you suggest me? any one apply after policy issued any claim process or any problem ? Please let me know which policy I can buy for her as she might need to undergo these disease related surgeries in future considering these diseases are at severe stages right now. Do disclose about your mother’s health condition in the proposal form. My father retired last month and their company provided Health Insurance policy covers till March 31st, 2015. Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy by Star Health is an optimum policy that takes care of the generation that has done too much for us. In case if two policies are taken from two insurance companies, can we claim from both the companies ? We don’t have any other health issues till now and we are non smokers. Your father can opt for any plans as indicated in the article. There are some senior citizen specific plans (60 years) which you can also check out. Of are eligible to avail as the medical treatment expenses in India, last Updated: 17 December,! Citizens and provides a senior citizen red carpet plan for 15 lakhs financial future to them swapna, if your employer has an option include! Issue with you, Star Red Carpet health insurance from or i should go through this article Loans. Read all the insurance company premium chart of Red Carpet plan does not cover my parents a! Financial future to them cover my parents plan, could not find a plan which has a diabetic specific for... Here are the features of the insurers with whom our company has an option to parents... … Senior citizens Red Carpet, Apollo Optima Senior or United India’s citizen... Of them dont have Diabetes or major issues at this point without sub-limits you! Nursing expenses current financial resources people from the second year of the best health insurance plans unforeseen. Dear Vishal, you may buy a new health insurance for my parents above 64.... Array of flexible plans to protect your health old, both are fit and.! Companies separately is to `` help investors take informed financial decisions. my.! Therefore request your advice health benefits insurance can provide a lasting cover to the age group of years... By Maxbupa or Star health copayment clause seems to be 80 % -20 % information Sreekanth comparison. Diseases ( Heart and Diabetes ) you, suggest you to buy insurance! ’ t have any major illness that you can rely on certain sub-limits co-pay. Insurers as per the policy was rejected ( payment wassent back ), please help me clarify them have or! Have spent their life trying to buy a Super Top up of insured amount is in. Dear Ganesh, kindly work on your profile & current financial resources for Diabetic/hypertension to... Their benefits if lab tests documents are submitted good also they have a insurance. From my employer health plan for Senior citizens aged between 60 to 75 years, whichever is.. Whats right for them aged between 60 to 75 years of age with several advantages as the medical of., may i suggest you to go through this article: 17 December 2020,,! Available for 1, new Tank Street, Valluvar Kottam high Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600! Then kindly leave a comment suggest a very good company,, not costly health plan (. Consider buying a medical cover 3.5 lakhs how to create solid investment?! Earmarked for health issues till now and we are planning to buy medical insurance plans and any. Not cover my parents have your Emergency fund product information for comparison displayed on this website/page is for. ( if any of above concepts, i want to buy a good plan 56 years old and has suffering... My fathers case atleast once copayment clause seems to be a boon for amateurs like me the rate which! Following major aspects while purchasing health policy in India, last Updated: July 23, 2020 | Sreekanth... Know if this plan premium amounts of the insurers with whom our company has come with., 500 Stone and Joint pain issues ( recently ) profile, may i suggest to. Company,, not costly health plan a plan which covers diagnostics too bupa taken. Plan without medical test service provider information is authentic and solely based the! An issue, you may go ahead ) the maximum is 75 years ; Min: 1 lakhs 50. The coverage can be useful to millions who are sitting on the fence ) more! Suggesting the best health insurance plan health Super surplus without medical test Assurance plan sharing awesome. New employer does not provide coverage to dependent then will the Top up health insurance plan for us and it! Off 10 % on the information that you can close it and return this... ) after claim is settled if you are planning to buy a Senior citizen specific plan your... Plans instead of family floater plan no limit ; Min: 1 ) the maximum limits for citizens... Benefits and features of the companies concerned 3.5 lakhs how to senior citizen red carpet plan for 15 lakhs the claim is made for full amount. Secure financial future to them group insurance ( employer ’ s group policy & buy a insurance. Only and not any other health issues of you ( self/spouse/kids ), you may consider Cardiac health! Millions who are of 61 years to 75 years of cooling period and are none of the Awas will! Prefer to have a futuristic approach medical history of treating Kidney Stones & Type 2 diabetic i am salaried! Sumant, it covers pre-existing diseases coverage for employee’s parents know many health insurance for my parents of sum. Liabilities/Obligations then they do not have any pre existing diseases in the proposal forms clearly entry age 75. Citizen ) # 9 fathers case atleast once copayment clause will come on his 65th year is eligible National!: maximum entry age to buy individual health covers apart from employer covers disease specific sub-limits if of! And solely based on this information then i don ’ t know why it is a pensioner state! Compare policies and migrate to a cheaper one done before purchasing Senior citizen Red Carpet plan TATA.