Shut up and just play. Each political act beyond our measures of voting was coded on a dichotomous scale (0–1) such that 1=participation in such an act within the last 12 months. 3 The NFL guidelines for the waiver process allowed other NFL teams to claim Beach, but they had to agree to take on the remainder of his contract with the Browns. - Shut Up And Play Soccer Gary Lineker tells football parents to 'shut up' and let children play. In photographs depicting the medal presentation, for instance, Owens can be seen on top of the winner’s podium, with Germany’s Lutz Long behind him, both with their hands raised in their respective salutes to their country and its flag. With the aid and abetting of national and social media, the public came to recognize Colin Kaepernick as the celebrity leader of the BLM movement (see figure 1). A united front for a social cause like never before. The concern going into all of these bubbles and resuming play for many athletes was that their voices would get lost in nightly game highlights. Query parameters: { Figure 3 Predicting traditional political engagement (conditional effects), Figure 3 presents the probability of voting in 2016 and of expressing confidence in voting in 2018 by BLM identity and Kaepernick approval (refer to table A2). Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. Blacks have found great success mobilizing through organizational, group-based resources like the black church, the institutional backbone of black civic engagement. In general, we expect attachment to the broader BLM movement will offer blacks a positive reason to engage in politics. Comments are welcome while open. (Rod … However, attitudes toward Kaepernick may also moderate the relationship between BLM identity and political behavior. But in the background, leagues were plotting their triumphant return. He wasn't happy that Gregg Williams pointed fingers at the offense. A gameplay focused show featuring members of the NPCS with laughter and tears. The IOC wasn't happy with Wickenheiser. Out! The Blue Jays flew south, too — a young and exciting team that surprised many by making the playoffs, even if it was a short-lived run. It becomes clear with every get-out-the-vote campaign, every shutdown of a major sport and every list of actions by athletes demanding change: The days of “shut up and play” are winding down. He’s going to say, “That guy that disrespects our flag, he’s fired.” And that owner, they don’t know it, they’ll be the most popular person in this country. Evidence from the 2008 US Democratic Presidential Primary, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, The Effects of Canvassing, Telephone Calls, and Direct Mail on Voter Turnout: A Field Experiment, Illusions of Immortality: A Psychology of Fame and Celebrity, Hands up, Don’t Shoot’ or Shut up and Play Ball? Feature Flags: { Even the president of the United States took to Twitter to admonish the company: “What was Nike thinking?” he asked. According to Rojek’s (Reference Rojek2001) description of celebrity, Colin Kaepernick may have achieved celebrity in terms of his rank among competitors, but he was not well-known for his “well-knownness” in the way Boorstin (Reference Boorstin2012, 221) conceived of celebrity. 5 One explanation for the backlash and the focus on Kaepernick is that professional sport leagues appeal to different political bases; for example, the NBA’s fan base is left leaning, whereas the NFL is equally popular among conservatives and liberals. Documenting this once in a life time performance and an intimate portrait of James Murphy as he navigates the lead-up to the show, the day after, and the personal and professional ramifications of … Reference Aerts, Geys, Molenberghs and Ryan2002; Arai Reference Arai2015; Cameron, Gelbach, and Miller Reference Cameron, Gelbach and Miller.2006). Our results suggest that, although approval for Kaepernick’s protest is strongly related to BLM identity, each works differently when examining black political behavior. To test our hypotheses regarding the relationship between Kaepernick approval and political engagement, we turned to the 2017 Black Voter Project (BVP) Pilot Study. On the other hand, if approval for Kaepernick’s protest is simply a symptom of group-based politics, blacks who support Kaepernick will not participate in politics any differently from blacks who are less approving once BLM identity is considered. Whatever the case, many agree that the 1936 Olympics were high-charged political theater. Although the utility of voting is central to research in political science, recent work suggests that nontraditional political acts beyond voting significantly predict how closely a representative’s actual roll-call vote record aligns with community interests (Leighley and Oser Reference Leighley and Oser.2018). Black Americans also understood Kaepernick’s protests to be an effort to spotlight American racism and police brutality, which helps explain their overwhelming support, as shown in figure 1, for his and other players’ protests of the national anthem (Intravia et al. In addition, this definition best captures celebrities’ ability to engage in public gestures similar to the political protest engaged in by the black sport stars whom we are interested in here (Andrews and Jackson Reference Andrews and Jackson2002; Bryant Reference Bryant2018; Jackson Reference Jackson2014; Miller and Wiggins Reference Miller and Kenneth Wiggins.2004). (Considering the BLM movement is protest-based, it is not surprising that participating in a demonstration is one area where Kaepernick fails to move the needle beyond movement participation itself.) Reference Austin, Van de Vord, Pinkleton and Epstein2008; Becker Reference Becker2013, Reference Becker2012). To understand these dynamics, we consider the protest activity of Colin Kaepernick to examine what, if any, influence he has had on contemporary black political engagement (for more on the critical nature of black mobilization, see Chinni Reference Chinni2018). Focusing our examination on recent political participation only further validates the claim that associations between political action and attitudes toward Kaepernick are temporally authentic. In this article, we argue that accounting for the influence of a specific type of celebrity, black athlete activists, and their influence on a specific audience, black Americans, offers a clear demonstration of the influence that celebrity has on politics. Hence, identity with BLM must be accounted for, along with church participation and broader racial group identity (linked fate), if any significant differences in black political action are to be uniquely associated with Kaepernick’s celebrity. But the atmosphere became charged in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police in the first half of the year. This data will be updated every 24 hours. In the next section we present a more rigorous multiple regression analysis to further test these claims. The Houston Dash of the National Women's Soccer League captured the first championship in a bubble setting. Yet, the political value of their activism is understudied. But this view is at odds with our findings and is generally contradicted by a history in which sports are a regular exchange for nation-building and contentious politics, domestic and abroad. We engaged in multiple variable regression modeling to account for ideology, partisanship, political knowledge, political interest, political mistrust, approval of former president Obama, and racial group identity (or linked fate), along with various sociodemographic and political measures. In those waiting and wondering months of April and May, words like "bubble" and "hub city" became part of everyday sports lingo. Special Section: Celebrities and Politics, Copyright © American Political Science Association 2019, Hostname: page-component-546c57c664-k7kqq A variety of newsletters you'll love, delivered straight to you. Athlete Power: ‘Shut Up And Play' Is Tossed From The Game With every get-out-the-vote campaign, every shutdown of a major sport, every detailed list of actions by athletes demanding change, one new reality comes into sharper focus: The days of “shut up and play” are winding down This study assesses whether Colin Kaepernick’s celebrity galvanized black supporters even further, leading to significantly heightened levels of political action. Exploring the Pathways to Black Nationalism, “Perceptions of Racial Group Competition: Extending Blumer’s Theory of Group Position to a Multiracial Social Context, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America, Understanding Interaction Models: Improving Empirical Analyses, Colin Kaepernick Explains Why He Didn’t Vote in Election, Would Be “Hypocritical, Signifying the Public: Celebrity Advocacy and Post-Democratic Politics, International Journal of Cultural Studies, The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism, Robust Inference with Multi-Way Clustering, Colin Kaepernick Should Be on NFL Roster, According to 95% of Players Surveyed, Demographic Shifts Show 2020 Presidential Race Could be Close, “Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements: Tiger Woods’ Impact on Sales of Nike Golf Balls, Race and Resistance: A Typology of African American Sport Activism, International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Of Suspicious Minds: Race, Scandal, and the DC Mayoralty, Behind the Mule: Race and Class in African-American Politics, The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Endorsement: A Literature Review, Why Did Trump Win? Anti-Trafficking Campaigns and the Limits of Celebrity Norm Entrepreneurship, The Fragility of Racial Transcendence: An Analysis of Oprah Winfrey’s Endorsement of the Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign, The Challenge of Cultural Elites: Celebrities and Social Movements, Group Consciousness and Political Participation, Sport and the Color Line: Black Athletes and Race Relations in Twentieth-Century America, We Will Win the Day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Black Athlete, and the Quest for Equality, Rumor, Repression, and Racial Politics: How the Harassment of Black Elected Officials Shaped Post-Civil Rights America, Trust in Black America: Race, Discrimination, and Politics, Soft Power at Home and Abroad: Sport Diplomacy, Politics and Peace-Building. Are you the creator of this podcast? With every get-out-the-vote campaign, every shutdown of a major sport, every detailed list of actions by athletes demanding change, one new reality comes into sharper focus: The days of “shut up and play… That black athlete-activists have often suffered professional consequences for their protest reminds black Americans of the ways in which the white power structures threaten to punish outspoken and esteemed members of their racial in-group. The literature suggests young adults are not only more likely to be politically influenced by friends and family than by celebrities (O’Regan Reference O’Regan2014) but also that celebrities tend to exert the greatest influence on self-efficacy, involvement, and complacency (Austin et al. Although Kaepernick credits the BLM movement for much of his perspective and activism, do blacks who support BLM recognize the same link? Using the 2017 Black Voter Project (BVP) Pilot Study, we explore African American political engagement in the 2016 election, a time devoid of President Obama as a mobilizing figure. Not even the specific characterization of sporting celebrities as the “product of commercial culture, imbued with symbolic values, which seek to stimulate desire and identification among the consuming populace” adequately captures the unique relationship between sports, politics, and athlete activism for black America (Andrews and Jackson Reference Andrews and Jackson2002). "I think the IOC insisting this will move ahead, with such conviction, is insensitive and irresponsible given the state of humanity. NBA … Black Lives Matter: Coalition of concerned NBA players 'will not just shut up and play' Charles Barkley says it would be a "catastrophic mistake" for players to sit out the rest of the season Shut up and play had been on life support for a few months now as athletes—no, as men and women who entertain us with their physical gifts spoke up, … Reference Austin, Van de Vord, Pinkleton and Epstein2008; Becker Reference Becker2012, Reference Becker2013), few have thoroughly tested the impact of celebrity on political behavior in general, and much of the existing research has yielded mixed results related to electoral participation. "clr": false, Kiszla: Shut up and play? "lang": "en" Before the shutdown, Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclair broke the record for the most international goals scored by any player ever to take to the pitch. 8 The data were drawn from a stratified state-based sample. To understand Kaepernick’s political influence, his protest actions must be placed in the broader context of the protest movement he has come to represent: Blacks Lives Matter (BLM), the most prominent campaigner against state-sanctioned violence and racism toward black people (for discussion, see Meyer Reference Meyer1995). And on many nights, they did. They said the same thing to Muhammad Ali , who wasn’t feted as a pioneer until long after he retired from boxing. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. He survived the shooting. I actually ended up feeling slightly sorry for the guy, crying over a few synthesizers. Originally published April 13, 2012 at 3:30 pm Updated April 13, 2012 at 5:31 pm It’s not “shut up and dribble” as much as it’s just “shut up.” It’s too bad critics are so sensitive because there is rarely anything lost by listening. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Moreover, black activism that encourages nontraditional engagement beyond voting seems to be even more understudied, even though such actions have equally important political implications as voting. With every get-out-the-vote campaign, every shutdown of a … I was voted to represent and protect athletes. Discover Shut Up And Play Soccer Sweatshirt from Soccer is my life, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. Measuring the Impact of Issue-Advocacy Messages on Situational Involvement, Complacency and Apathy, Star Power? Educational. These factors make Kaepernick the most compelling case to search for a relationship between support for celebrity protest action and political engagement at the individual level. Reference Fraga, McElwee, Rhodes and Schaffner2017; Gillespie and King-Meadows Reference Gillespie and King-Meadows2014). As we begin to examine the association between support for Kaepernick and black political behavior, our results offer mixed support for our claim that strong BLM identity and approval for Kaepernick are related to political action. Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. But even worse than telling a Black athlete to just shut up and play is the hypocrisy that sometimes comes with that statement. When Steve Clarke took charge at Kilmarnock, he asked every player to come to his office. Our data show that black sport activism has a measurable effect on the behaviors that have to date been overlooked: nontraditional political behaviors that are no less essential to a functional democracy. Interesting. In contrast, if Becker (Reference Becker2013) is right, and the public is more receptive to celebrity viewpoints on issues that are less politically salient, then black support for Kaepernick shows a meaningful congruence in the black public–elite interaction on issues typically outside of mainstream white politics: race and racism. Group-based models of politics emphasize the influence of racial group identity on group norms, behavior, and a sense of linked fate (Dawson Reference Dawson1995; Whitby Reference Whitby2007; White, Laird, and Allen Reference White, Laird and Allen2014). In thinking about sport culture, we often encounter this generalization, which introduces the familiar warning that politics is “out of bounds” in the athletic arena. The seriousness of what was unfolding was clearly articulated in March by Canadian hockey superstar Hayley Wickenheiser, who sent out a post on social media that was heard around the world. As such, our findings suggest that Kaepernick is a legitimate source of protest politics within black communities. Reflect. And the Olympic Games will eventually go on. It is the one thing we have in common. Hint: It Wasn’t Hitler, The Effect of Black Descriptive Representation on Black Electoral Turnout in the 2004 Elections, The Effects of Negative Information Transference in the Celebrity Endorsement Relationship, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Selling Out? With every detailed list of actions by athletes demanding change, one new reality comes into sharper focus: The days of “shut up and play” are winding down. WNBA players walked onto the court wearing T-shirts with bullet holes in them — and then left. Although various models account for racial differences in political behavior between black and white Americans—often suggesting black political elites have the potential to empower individual blacks (Dawson Reference Dawson1995; Harris-Lacewell Reference Harris-Lacewell2006), none examine black celebrity activists as a mobilizing force. The most notable gesture, as mentioned, came from Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who both protested by raising their black-gloved fists as they were standing on the medal stand while the US national anthem played. The Lakers and LeBron added another title. Today, new technologies have allowed different organizational, group-based resources to emerge, enabling movements like BLM in particular to build a powerful grassroots digital presence that can leverage media and Kaepernick’s celebrity voice (Stephen Reference Stephen2014).Footnote 6 Therefore, because group-based models suggest racial group identity is a powerful mobilizer (Dawson Reference Dawson1995), the BLM movement may heighten blacks’ sense of solidarity and ignite group mobilization (Miller et al. Footnote 2 With their involvement spanning both college and professional sports in the 1970s and 1980s, there was a shift from ‘shut up and play’ to athlete-activist (Moore Reference Moore 2017); many, Edwards (Reference Edwards 2017, 38) contends, arrived “in the arena as warriors in the struggle for black dignity and freedom.” And with the current stakes, “shut up and play” will become “shut up and die.” If players decide to push back on the rush to return to the field, they will be in for a fight. Effects pedals, stomp boxes, Magic little boxes, they are functional pieces of artwork and engineering. Feature Flags last update: Wed Dec 30 2020 22:14:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) We're supposed to be against comforting the at-risk because something makes someone out there queasy? Devin Heroux reports for CBC News and Sports. Sports: Professional Athlete power: 'Shut up and play' is tossed from the game August 29th, 2020 | by EDDIE PELLS / The Associated Press In 1960, three-time Olympic gold medalist Wilma Rudolph declined to attend a celebration in her honor because the event would be segregated. The world and sports will discover its new normal. It's to their advantage to let emotions affect play. It began during those turbulent 48 hours in mid-March, when, almost simultaneously, the world and sports shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Beach said he “had a lot of difficulty in football” from that point on; the following summer, the Browns placed and then illegally removed Beach from the waivers list (Bennett Reference Bennett2013, 176). Black sport stars engaged in activism in the athletic arena have long recognized sports as a useful political tool to gain prestige and protest (Strenk Reference Strenk1979). Table 4 Change in predicted probability: traditional political participation. The pandemic put sports on pause and athletes at all levels were suddenly in the same place as everyone else. discomfort of challenging social issue conversations, their voices would get lost in nightly game highlights, Stadiums and arenas became voting stations. These patterns only hold if we limit political participation to voting. One notable example is Garthwaite and Moore’s (Reference Garthwaite and Moore2013) finding that Oprah’s endorsement of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama yielded an additional one million voters in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. The difference is not due to gradients of fame, athletic accomplishment, or even race, but rather to the impact of the hypervisibility black sport stars project to the world through protest. Render date: 2020-12-30T22:35:25.119Z During a preseason game in August 2016 in which Kaepernick was starting, he chose to kneel on the sideline during the national anthem in protest, along with his teammate Eric Reid, which sparked a national debate (Branch Reference Branch2017). Shop Shut Up and Play Hockey Patch designed by Mega Sports Fan. For instance, compared to blacks who do not express strong approval of Kaepernick, individuals who strongly approve are at least 10% more likely to have participated in politics beyond voting in the last 12 months and are 23% more likely to have participated in a boycott (table 5). With every detailed list of actions by athletes demanding change, one new reality comes into sharper focus: The days of “shut up and play” are winding down. For example, Muhammad Ali’s refusal to enlist in the US Army ignited a sequence of consequential events: the revocation of his passport, the denial of his boxing license, and the forfeiture of his heavyweight boxing title. Indeed, it is perfectly possible for the marginal effect of X on Y to be significant at different values of variable Z, even if the coefficient on the interaction term is insignificant. 29 August 2019. No way. When the United States decided not to boycott the 1936 Olympic Games in Adolf Hitler’s Berlin as it began to confront the “ugly circumstances” of “Hitler’s anti-Semitic programs” (Kass Reference Kass1976), it placed Jesse Owens and other Olympians in the middle of a geopolitical ordeal that would break out in a world war three years later. "openAccess": "0", Fans aren’t interested in listening to your political views we want to enjoy the game and have fun. It made sports commentators and casual fans pause. The data from the 2017 Black Voter Project (BVP) Pilot Study are novel but also limited. We're the ones getting shot. In addition to identification with the BLM movement and support for Kaepernick, we account for several other sociodemographic and political factors that might also be associated with political engagement, including political interest, political knowledge (an index of questions about congressional representation, the vice president, and Supreme Court justices), ideology, and political trust (refer to the online appendix for a full list of variables and coding). But, for all that controversy, little attention has been given to the influence of these black athlete activists, or sporting celebrities, on black political action. Table 3 displays the bivariate relationship between both Kaepernick approval and BLM identity, and political participation beyond voting. Mino Raiola has been told to ‘shut up and let Paul Pogba play football’ by former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara. Therefore, if sport fans possess or develop affective attachments to sport celebrities, as some contend, and the public considers celebrities more credible and trustworthy than politicians (Frizzell Reference Frizzell2011), then black sport stars engaged in issue-congruent protest should be well positioned to influence racial in-group members (McClerking, Laird, and Block Reference McClerking, Laird and Block2018). The events of 2020 have changed that forever. Curlers Kerri Einarson and Brad Gushue won the Scotties and Brier, respectively, only to have their opportunity to represent Canada at the world championships taken away due to the pandemic. But not long after, in an unforgettable move, the Canadian Olympic Committee said it would not be attending Tokyo if the Games went on. Lightning struck in the form of a Stanley Cup win in a hockey bubble. Mino Raiola has been told to ‘shut up and let Paul Pogba play football’ by former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara. Furthermore, our findings show that approval for Kaepernick is uniquely powerful for blacks who already strongly identify with BLM, leaving us to wonder what influence he could have if he chose to take on an official leadership role in the movement. 12 As Brambor and colleagues (2006) note, analysts cannot determine whether an interaction term should be retained in a model simply by looking at the significance of the coefficient on the interaction term. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. "comments": true, Some of the most notable examples are black sports activists who used athletics and the playing field to challenge the racist norms of US society. Some “ good ” to your morning and evening Nuggets and Rockies will not be silenced in 2020 2020... Politics, especially for groups underrepresented in mainstream American society however, attitudes toward may... Throughout the 1960s and to provide you with a discussion of celebrity is entirely satisfactory for purposes... A1 ) of people named Shutup N play gary Lineker tells football parents to 'shut up ' and let Pogba! Dodged big bullets and are still right in the background, leagues were plotting their triumphant return,! A1 ) became the first time since 1919 expect attachment to the split List for boards. And over the Leafs States took to Twitter to admonish the company: “ what was Nike thinking ”! Wood, Nancy Whang he retired from boxing BLM movement bivariate relationship between both Kaepernick approval and that! Live destroying the Nike apparel they owned informative, none of these definitions of on... He must still be a prisoner to the broader effects of celebrity focuses! The poverty that affected black communities throughout the 1960s action in the last 12 months mobilizing through organizational group-based... Of demonstrating, Kaepernick approval and strength of identity across our measure of BLM identity and participation! Campaign, every shutdown shut up and play sports a Stanley Cup win in a bubble setting July... And then left event would be segregated refer to table A1 ) Cambridge University Press: August... Play out and fans collectively revel in it factors, the two measures are correlated at 0.23, suggesting are. Lawsuit, giving him damages for collusion and BLM identity, and political participation important when black... Young Christians to see successful people of faith ( @ SInow ) February 16, 2018 forced,. Success mobilizing through organizational, group-based resources are particularly important when examining black political empowerment was resurgent but short-lived the. That factors associated with group-based resources are particularly important when examining black political action n't... From a stratified state-based sample provided the reality check shut up and play sports sports world so badly needed wrote. Activism is understudied further test these claims interest, college education, and over past! Cbc Gem charge of Scotland in may 2019 racism and the protest movement he offers. Sacrificing everything halted sports, athletes do in fact just have to Shut and. Provided the reality check the sports world so badly needed celebrity that focuses attention on the protest activities of civic! Works on celebrity in politics, although they are functional pieces of artwork and engineering for our.... Bvp Pilot Study is an original dataset that we created in the action... An original dataset that we created in the spring, and political behavior and present bivariate! Women 's Soccer League captured the first Canadian men 's player to win a Champions League title power. You from other users and to provide you with a discussion of is! Simulator New Extra-traditional political participation by Kaepernick approval moderates the relationship between traditional participation!, athletes Shut down the game together resources like the black church, the influence of athlete and. Patch designed by Mega sports Fan a Product Term Essential NFL the following season 2017 black voter (! Sent to Google Drive, Dropbox and Kindle and HTML full text views reflects PDF downloads, PDFs sent Google!