In its 20-year history, Maison Kayser has gained a reputation for producing the very best bread, pastry, cakes and patisserie. Its reputation is built on the diligence and passion of employees and their commitment to continuous improvement that Eric Kayser has instilled in the foundations of the company.


In 1994 along with friend Patrick Castagna, Eric invented the Fermentolevain, a revolutionary machine that keeps liquid leavening agent at just the right temperature, enabling Eric Kayser to pursue his ambition of creating delicious, naturally leavened sourdough bread.

The use of a natural leaven has history – it is a simple mixture of water, flour and sugar (honey in the case of Maison Kayser), which is then chilled and allowed to rest. This all-natural method fell largely out of fashion in the twentieth century due to its unpredictability in environments that weren’t controlled and was replaced by yeast, which is far easier to manage and produces fast-rising, high-volume bread. Although yeast has its place, it produces a bread that has a shorter shelf-life and a less distinctive flavour than naturally leavened bread.

Eric Kayser set about reviving this time-honoured process and this simple mixture is used in all Maison Kayser sourdough breads, croissants, brioches and others.


All Maison Kayser outlets are staffed by highly-skilled individuals who embody our artisan approach to baking – becoming trained on the job to be experts in each and every one of our products. Our staff are always on hand to guide you to make sure each and every product is to your exact specifications.