Eric Kayser has developed an artisan, diverse and dynamic company with expertise in multiple fields. As well as selling breads, pastries, cakes and cookies, Maison Kayser London also offers a bespoke catering service, an all day restaurant and a spacious store. We approach each of these activities with the same focus and diligence, seeking to blend them together seamlessly. The common link between these outlets is baking and bread, which remains the very core of our business and our expertise. It is a feature of all our products, as a component ingredient of the French brasserie style dishes we offer in our restaurant, a base for the diverse array of the sandwiches we create daily and an accompaniment of the salads on offer in our to-go section, and – of course – as the focal point for the products available at our bakery.


Not only to we employ the newest technologies and baking practices in each and every one of our loaves, we also strive to create a place for communities with the opening of each new store – places that are bright, bustling communities in their own right. Our London bakery has a sit-down restaurant and café, where visitors can sit, relax and enjoy their freshly baked good with a cup of delicious Coperaco coffee or glass of wine.


The Maison Kayser bakeries, cafes and restaurants now employ over 1500 employees worldwide with our newest outlets in Morocco, Hong Kong and New York. Maison Kayser recognises that as tastes and production methods change, products must change accordingly by being creative with flavour, using the latest production methods and selecting only the very finest ingredients.

We will soon be opening a new bread and pastry school in France which will teach others the passion, values and techniques required to produce high-quality, naturally leavened bread, pastries and patisserie.

As always, Maison Kayser is determined to maintain its artisan character and defend its core values. Whether you buy a baguette monge at a train station, airport, shopping centre or busy city-centre street, our recipes will always make the most of our carefully sourced ingredients and your bread will be of the best quality and taste.