Our bakeries offer a wide selection of both complex and simple savory dishes, including sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, quiches, hot dishes and open sandwiches. Bread is the common theme of all our dishes – at the express wish of Eric Kayser himself!


From the classic “Parisien” – ham and cheese in a baguette Monge bread – to the “Italien” – tomato, mozzarella and pesto in an olive ciabatta bread – from the “Vegetarien” – marinated vegetables in a sun-dried tomato ciabatta – to the “Maine” – Maine lobster in a viennois bread – you can vary your choices everyday!


Maison Kayser offers a large variety of salads to go always which are served with one of our mini bread rolls and a choice of different dressings. We also propose a full range of vegetables and dips made from seasonal and local ingredients, including barley, butternut squash, and Brussels sprouts.


In a sweet mood? Of course you can always choose from our full range of pastries but we also offer fresh fruit salads, chocolate mousse, crème caramel and mango panna cotta, served in verrines so that you can eat them anywhere. And for juice lovers, we’re making our own juice recipes, from seasonal fruits and vegetables.